From evening dinners to morning coffee, the kitchen is the center point of the home. This is where cooking plans come to life and meals are enjoyed. If you’re interested in knowing how to get an Insta/picture-worthy kitchen at home, then you’re in the right place. There are ways you can use to achieve this regardless of your budget, and you’ll surely get all those likes. Read further to know-how.

Metallic Accent

When you make use of metallic features in your kitchen, it’ll help you create that matured look. From appliances to tab, and even cabinet handles, there’s nothing like the warmth of metallic and copper hues. For your kitchen countertop design, check out granite countertops from World Stone Group. Manufacturers are creative and innovative with their designs these days. For instance, built-in ovens don’t have to be a glazed black box anymore.

• The metallic accent is eye-catching and will give you something different from the ordinary.

Opening Shelving

If you’re stuck for storage space in your kitchen, opening shelving is a great way to create space for your kitchen items. Additionally, if you want an Insta/picture-worthy kitchen, you should make use of opening shelving rather than wall cabinets – it looks sophisticated, especially in modern settings. However, if you can’t afford the ones you prefer, you can get an affordable one and paint it using your desired color.

1. Additionally, you can also install bare wooden shelves – millions love the earthy, natural look.
2. Opening shelving offers you a faster and more convenient way to organize your kitchen.

Statement Color and Pendant Lights

You should create a statement in your kitchen with vibrant and bold hues. Whether you are interested in dark olive green or midnight-blue, the use of statement kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest ways to create an Instagram-worthy kitchen. Additionally, darker images get more engagement on Instagram. However, if you can’t afford a complete kitchen overhaul, you can transform your kitchen cabinets with painted to give it new looks.

The use of light in your kitchen will make it more sophisticated and attractive. When it comes to lighting, it’s advisable to keep things understated but mature. Additionally, experts also talk about the importance of good lighting – having suspended pendant lamps over an island is among the famous trends and an excellent way to make a statement in your kitchen. Industrial-style pendant lamps will be perfect for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kitchen Designs

How do I organize my kitchen cabinets?

First and foremost, you need to arrange all your juice glasses in one area and your wine glasses in another. Additionally, you should arrange all the clear glassware together and another area for the colored glassware. Arranging similar items together will organize your kitchen well.

Can I make use of plants in my kitchen?

Yes, you can. Botanicals have been proven to be one of the best home accessories and wellness trends on Instagram. In minimalism, the more the plant you use, the merrier. Additionally, combining these plants in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes will be appealing to the eye.

How can I apply some finishing touch to my kitchen?

When designing your kitchen, remember you’re limiting clutter. So, arrange your items and ensure you tidy up the kitchen. Take your time to choose luxury glassware, cutlery, and ceramics to complement the design you’ve chosen. This will catch people’s attention and give you all those likes.