A wedding day is perhaps one of the most monumental milestone events in anyone’s life. This is why most couples will want to capture every moment, so as the memory fades, the pictures can still assist in reliving those magical moments.

Photography for weddings has come a really long way in recent years, not content with capturing photos that just the bride and groom can cherish, there is almost a competition to see who’s pictures are the most striking, who’s can get the most shares on social media and therefore who’s can be the most Instagram-worthy.

Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing social media platform. However, it can be difficult to get Instagram-worthy wedding photographs. Fortunately, there are some great tips that you can utilize to get that awesome must have shot!

Here are some of the effective tactics listed:

1. Get plenty of light

Light is the most functional aspect when it comes to photography. It can create drama, add depth and highlight elements of a picture that you really want to pop out of the picture. So therefore, it plays a very important role when it comes to weddings. Whether your wedding is indoor or outdoor, lighting can help in elevating the entire atmosphere. When it comes to photography, lights can be installed to increase the quality of pictures taken. You can even install a custom neon wedding sign, such as “I Do”, “Mr and Mrs” or a love heart to add a fun and effective backdrop. There’s something about neon that makes everyone get a little snap happy!

2. Flowers

There is no doubt to the fact that flowers can make a real difference irrespective of the celebration. Depending on the location where your wedding is being held, carefully pick the flowers according to your preference or the season. It can make a great impact without putting too much burden on your pockets. Large floral pieces adorning tables and walls can look stunning in photographs. Just ensure that good quality flowers are chosen and placed in an organized and creative manner. Blooms being attached to empty vintage picture frames are very on trend at the moment as a cheaper alternative to a photo booth. It looks great, the guests being photographed love it and of course get straight on to sharing the snaps on their social networks! Winner!

3. Glitter

Glitter and confetti can have a real positive impact on the pictures being taken. The sparkling and light flecks add another dimension to the pics, but also the laughter or surprise from the bride and groom provide real fun and candid shots. It definitely makes the wedding Instagram-worthy. Gold, silver, metallic and different accents can add much glamour to your wedding. Regardless of the quantity being used, the celebrations can be taken to a whole new level. However, you must ensure that it is utilized in a controlled manner and ideally matches the rest of the décor. You do not want to make the setting look cheap or gaudy.

4. Create focal point

Dressing up the entire venue can be expensive. Some couples do not have the budget to do so. However, this can be tackled by creating focal point for guests. One of the ways in which this can be done is by including a wedding arch. There are many impactful ideas to create a focal point. Floral or balloon arches or an alternative focal point like old wine barrels topped with candles. This will not only enhance the wedding but also ensure good photographs. The ultimate result is an Instagram-worthy wedding.

5. Have a good photographer

Wedding photographs are not only dependent on the setting you have created. It is equally important to have a good photographer who has the ability to make it look more eye-catching. Hire a competent professional who can capture your wedding in a creative manner yet also has the ability to add some flair with editing.

6.Wowee wedding favors

At a wedding, it’s usually customary for the guests to receive a wedding favor. These can vary from a bar of soap, recipe, ingredients, lottery ticket, candle or key ring to name but a few. Whatever you choose, just make sure it looks pretty and you can guarantee your friends will be hash tagging away!

Above are just a few ideas that you can adopt in order to ensure an Instagram-worthy wedding. You don’t need to break the bank. It’s all about the finer details that will help you come up trumps in the Instaworthy stakes!