Skater style has been a global phenomenon, with its comfort and practicality, skate culture, and fashion combined. Skater style is mainly composed of loose and functional clothing, this is because of all the movement you’ll do for the sport. Not only is it appropriate but it can also provide some protection. Nowadays, this style is trending again, there are plenty of brands in the market, and influencers are parading the skater look. If you want to look aesthetically pleasing while still feeling carefree, take a look at this guide on how to get that cool skater look!

Get Classic Skate Shoes

If you want to master the skater style, getting the classic skate shoes is the most important thing. Even though many new brands are offering great skate shoes, they will never be better than the classic ones. The folks at Vans Shoes HK states that flat sole skate shoes are a must for an authentic skater style, this can be the classic look that you might want to aim for. Opt for low-top sneakers if you want the casual look or if you want to go for a retro style you can choose a high-top sneaker. Either way, this is the most common type of skate shoes, in terms of colors black, white, and red are the ones that always work well with a skater ensemble.

Choose Loose and Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-shirts are a style staple if you are a skater or if you just want to achieve the skater look. Purchase shirts that are loose, have big prints and designs, or with brand image or logo in front to get the skater aesthetic. Ensure that they are crew-neck cuts and for added skater attitude you can layer it with a hoodie or an open overshirt with a checkered pattern.

Wear Cargo Pants, Chino or Shorts

These are the top three things if you are looking for what to wear with your shirts, shorts are cool enough for you to move around while skating, cargo pants will cover your shins and are still comfortable to wear. Cargo pants and shorts are unrestrictive and still look good on you. If you want to wear shorts get a number that is a loose fit and will end at your shin, for added protection wear high socks. Alternatively, if you want something more modern and want to look a little bit smarter, switch to cargo pants or chino shorts, either way, make sure they are long and loose to get that skater aesthetic. Finish with an oversized tee and classic skate shoes and you’re good to go.

There are plenty of great skate brands in the market today so you will never find it hard to achieve that skater look, but still, nothing beats the classic style. Get brands that are comfortable and budget-friendly for you, remember to keep in mind that the skater style is composed of comfort and practicality. Lastly, throw in some accessories, a cool cap, and high socks then you are ready to rock that skater look.