After a long and stressful day, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting down with a nice glass of whiskey and a good quality cigar. This peaceful reflection period allows up to two hours of stress-free thinking and can also double up as a time to get acquainted with a fascinating novel, catch up with your fellow chums or you can use this time to do absolutely nothing except take a few moments for yourself. On a daily basis our lives are demanding and full of chaos, sometimes to be free of such stress a moment must be taken to allow us to unwind and dissociate completely. As the body absorbs the chemical relaxant a sense of peace and tranquillity takes over, allowing us to forget our troubles and feel a moment of peace. Cigars are always associated with happiness, whether it be to relax, to socialize or even to celebrate, smoking top quality cigars are one of the greatest joys in life. However, there are a variety of flavors to choose from and that is why it is absolutely essential to obtain the highest quality cigars.

Cigars are very similar to wine, they are very complex, there is a wide array of them available, and the process to prepare the cigar can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. The experience of the cigar lies in the quality of the cigar.


Cigars are very similar to wine, they are very complex, there is a wide array of them available, and the process to prepare the cigar can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. The experience of the cigar lies in the quality of the cigar.

There are countless combinations of shapes, sizes and origins. There are different grades and specialties, but the most important factor is the location, but thanks to the professionals of Gotham Cigars you can get them closer to home. The location of the manufacturing of cigars come from all over the globe. Premium cigars with the best quality are made in Mexico or the Caribbean with tobacco being used from all over the globe.


In order to obtain high-quality cigars the best place to go is a recognized and dedicated tobacco company. These employees are specialized and are experts to find the best of the best. Their recommendations are significant as they can provide a second opinion based on the variation your heart desires, whether it be creamy or spicy, mellow or full, these individuals are able to provide excellent recommendations. Not to mention that they have made their passion and hobby a profession.


There are many complex flavors involved in the making of a cigar. The most important detail one must know is that the tobacco within a cigar always tastes like the country it was grown in. Once you have established what country you like your tobacco from, there are many side notes to choose from. It is of the utmost importance that you identify how the cigar feels as you smoke it. The strength, taste, aroma and flavor all coincide to make each experience of smoking a cigar unique and memorable, so it is highly important to choose flavors that you enjoy in order to get the highest quality cigars.


Not everyone enjoys the exact same cigar as you, with the vast array of cigars readily available, individual preferences are not the same amongst cigar enthusiasts. The experience of enjoying a cigar is personal, so the key to finding the best quality cigar is to try a few different ones until you find one that outshines the rest. By doing this you will be able to determine what combination and texture you enjoy the most, you can even enjoy different cigars based on the mood you are in.

Body and Storage

The major distinction between a lower quality and high-quality cigar is the manufacturing of it. The best quality cigars are individually made by hand and use the best tobacco available on the market. The tobacco runs the whole length of the cigar rather than scattered like in low-quality cigars. The best way to spot a good quality cigar is to observe whether the three primary mechanisms are present. These are filler tobaccos, a wrapper and also a binder, all three constitute premium-grade cigars and will assure a spectacular experience.

Cigars must be stored in suitable conditions, the temperature and humidity are important factors which must be taken into consideration when storing cigars. The most important factor is the humidity as cigars must be properly maintained so that they do not dry out and become stale. Storage can be the difference to cigars becoming stale within hours or stored properly so they can be kept for years.

The best cigars are the ones that have been purchased by individuals who know what they are doing, it is highly important that you know the correct way or smoking a cigar and storing them in order to enjoy top quality cigars at their best.