Are you the type of person that likes to go on vacation to do nothing? Do you like to lay on the beach and relax the whole time? While this is a great way to spend your trip, after a while, you might want to do something different. Often there are many different experiences that you can get from a holiday destination, even those that typically only offer beach resorts. If you are looking to get more from your vacation, then here are some top tips.


Where you decide to go on vacation is usually dependent on what you want to get out of it. However, most destinations have other activities and facilities on offer that you might not use while you’re there. For example, if you always go to the same resort, but never leave the beach, then why not see what else they have to offer? Perhaps there are some good hiking trails or interesting local villages to explore. These resorts also often have kid’s activities provided as well.


Many of the tourist destinations will offer excursions as part of their package. They usually come with an additional fee, but they can show you parts of the country that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Some take you to local attractions, or historic buildings, while others let you see the local markets. If you aren’t sure about your navigation skills, then these excursions can give you good value for money.


If you have previously been the type of person that only used their accommodation as a place to sleep, then you might find it refreshing to do the opposite. Try to go for a more luxurious place to stay such as looking to stay in one of the many Whistler village hotels in Canada. It can make all the difference to your stay, especially if the weather is too dangerous to go out. Many higher-class accommodations also have a lot of on-site activities to keep you occupied.

Time of Year

There can be a big difference in the resort you are visiting depending on the time of year you go. During the peak season there will be a lot of activities going on, and also most if not all of the excursions will be running. The only downside is that prices will be higher, and it will be busier. However, if you want a quieter time, then try going during off-peak. You will need to find out what activities will be running, as some close during this part of the year. It is also important to check for destinations where you do specific activities such as skiing. These locations usually only offer skiing at certain times of the year.

If you are looking to get more from your vacation, then think about what you normally do and see if you can change it slightly. Even if you still want to go to a favorite place, you can still see if there are other things you can do that you haven’t explored yet.