Whether you can’t find a babysitter, or you have simply had enough of waiting in a nightclub queue only to be let in and find the atmosphere is pretty non-existent, here are six ways to have a great night out without all the drawbacks (AKA staying in).

Host a cocktail night

Having a cocktail night at the house means you can enjoy deliciously fruity drinks without the high price ticket. Have everyone chip in to buy spirits and mixers and see which combinations you like the most. Of course, no cocktail party is complete without those little glass umbrellas; and if you’re feeling particularly fun, why not have a Hawaiian shirt dress code?

Relive a blast from the past

Vintage sweets, 90s music, and some killer costumes—having your own flashback night is the perfect way to enjoy fancy dress without having to freeze to death outside. There are plenty of places online to order your favorite retro sweets, and for the music, you’ll just need to create your own Spotify playlist filled with all the boy bands that time forgot.

Participate in Zoom activities

If you haven’t had enough of Zoom quizzes and activities over the past year, that’s impressive. Those of you still keen to take advantage of online video chat could sign up to a virtual murder mystery, or even a virtual chocolate tasting. You’ll be provided with everything you need and if you want to add even more sophistication to the night, you can add your own themed drinks for the occasion.

Host a world buffet

For friendship groups that are too big to head out for meals under current restrictions, why not host your own all-you-can-eat world buffet at home? Everyone is in charge of a different cuisine and you can make or order take-out for the party. That way, you can dive into a whole world of flavors without having to leave the house. This is perfect for those friends who can never decide which take-out to get, too—just have them all!

Enjoy a spa night

Let’s get back to seeing face masks as a pamper treatment, rather than PPE.
Although not quite on the same lines as a night out, it’ll certainly help you relax and rejuvenate before your next big club night. Grab the girls for a pamper and a gossip, and you’ll all be feeling as good as new in no time. Whether you make your own face masks, or give each other mani-pedis, spa nights are a great alternative to a busy night on the town. And who says you can’t have a pamper with the help of a pina colada or two?

Clothes swap

Another way to prep for your next night out is through a clothes swap. Have everyone bring their unwanted items and throw them into a pile. Then, take it in turns to do a fashion show with any outfits you want to take home. You’ll end the night with a brand-new wardrobe and hopefully a new outfit to new to wear for your next dinner party.