With how fast Covid-19 is spreading, it’s only natural for people to be afraid and anxious. Some people are trying their best to make sure their loved ones are staying safe at home, while others are using humor to pass time during the quarantine period. The coronavirus does not discriminate and is affecting everyone and all businesses. Unfortunately, it does, however, disproportionately affect the elderly and those who have health complications more so than others. So, now the need for community is more apparent than ever, and it is important that we embrace our responsibilities and civic duties.

If you are interested in knowing how you can help your community during the quarantine period, read on for some useful tips.

Follow Government Guidelines

This should be your number one priority as it is truly the best way to help the community. Follow the guidelines for staying home and avoiding contact. Try to limit your outings and, if you absolutely must go on an errand, social distancing is key; this means no social gatherings and keeping a six-feet distance between you and other people. The best way to help the community during this period is to remain in self-quarantine to curb the spread of the virus.

Support Local Businesses

As mentioned above, you should only be leaving your home to purchase essentials for you and your family. When you do so, you can do your community a favor by supporting local businesses and not-for-profits. Most restaurants and bars have been closed for the utmost safety, while others are still open, but taking necessary precautions to avoid close contact by involving social distancing when dropping off deliveries or creating pick-up stations for food orders. So, whenever you plan on purchasing anything, look for local businesses that you can support by buying and donating to them.

Volunteer for Social Services

Contribute to the community by getting involved with social service organizations such as food banks, as the vulnerable will be negatively impacted by the virus and this situation may be a prolonged one. Our mental health will also be at risk during these times of uncertainty as almost everyone will struggle to cope with the severity of the situation. The homeless are especially susceptible as they do not have the same luxury as us to protect themselves. According to the Fulfillment Foundation, there is also concern regarding the mental health of the homeless during this period as they may feel more alone more than ever. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, blood drives all over the country have been canceled, which means that there is also a severe shortage of blood, so donating will greatly help the community. Remember that you must be eligible to donate blood and check that you are in good health first. Volunteering to help those who are less fortunate during the pandemic will be of great help to the community when it comes to combating the virus.

Offer Assistance

If you are relatively healthy and active, you could contribute to your community by offering assistance to the elderly and vulnerable. You could reach out through local groups on social media to offer help to those in need. You can do their grocery shopping for them or offer dog walking services. Many people are out of work during this time and cannot afford help, so offering any service free of charge will positively impact your community. Another great contribution would be to cook for the vulnerable and those which cannot afford to stock up on food.

Avoid Stockpiling

We advise against stockpiling because not everyone can reach the store as quickly as you. They may be waiting for a paycheck to do their weekly shopping, so consider others’ needs at this time. Even if your local area is on complete lockdown, supermarkets and pharmacies remain open, and there will be no shortage of essentials as long as they do not run out too early. You do not need to overstock, so please consider those who cannot gather their necessities as promptly as you can.

It is no surprise that this time of uncertainty makes us all anxious, but handling the pandemic as a community will ensure the comfort and safety of all of us. This shall pass, and we just need to remain calm and considerate. Avoid things that cause you anxiety, and remember to help the less fortunate ones in this situation. Contributing to your community during the quarantine period can be done by following the guidelines, staying home, offering grocery trips and dog walks to the elderly, buying local and supporting nonprofit businesses, helping social service organizations, or donating blood. Finally, remember to practice good hygiene and reach out to your family and friends daily to check on their needs and keep them company during the quarantine.