When it comes to leadership, an institution needs to be organized and structured. This ensures that an organization grows effectively. But is it that easy to identify the right leader?

Leaders transforms the overall perspective of an institution. But it is important for them to be within the system itself who are well aware of the systems, process, structure and organization. They must be aware of the weaknesses as well.

Even though headhunters can be employed in order for a more specific identification process, here are some ways to identify the right leader:

1. Focus on the potential

A good performer doesn’t necessarily make a good leader. It is important for a leader to have potential within himself. Look for the ambition to grow and how much aptitude an individual holds. Some individuals are not supposed to be leaders just because they perform in an optimal manner. They might not be capable of good leadership roles. This is why potential must come first before performance. Focus more and more on the performance.

2. Level of engagement

It is important to figure out how engaged the individual is in goals of the company. You must inquire into the professional achievements. Make sure the employee, who is chosen as a leader, makes suggestions proactively for the improvement process. He/she must show eager interest in going beyond the comfort zone for betterment of the organization. If the employee is able to do so and fits the criteria, then there is potential within them to become an effective leader.

3. Accountability

Accountability is another important characteristics to look within a leader. Employees who are able to hold themselves accountable for the failure can be identified as good leaders. Individuals who avoid responsibilities for actions or poorly reflect on them are not supposed to be good leaders. Leaders are not afraid to hold themselves accountable. In fact, they take up on the responsibilities. Make sure this important aspect is taken into account when selecting a leader.

4. Empathy

It is important for a leader to have emotional intelligence and be empathetic. Along with being a good team player and interactive, employee must be a people’s person who focuses on building personal relationship. Person must be selfless who works only for the betterment of organization. A person who has the ability to understand people and use the bonding for better of organization can be a good leader. A leader with good emotional intelligence is the one who excels the field.

5. Communication skills

Leaders must have exceptional communication skills. A person must be looked for who are able to explain each and everything in a concise and clear manner. Someone who can deal with things and has the ability to listen can make a good leader.

Here were some of the qualities that must be looked within an employee. Identifying these characteristics would allow you to figure out a leader. Even though this is a non-exhaustive list, these are some of the most important characteristics.