As we get older, we get introduced to new aches and pains, and we often have to either visit a doctor or figure out how to deal with them one way or another. However, something that, unfortunately, stays with over the years is the infamous headache.

There are quite a few different kinds and each comes with its own symptoms and treatments as well. So just to ensure that you’re aware of what it is that is causing your headache, what kind it is and how to treat it, it’s important that you visit a specialist, first and foremost. You’ll find that in the US, for example, there are actually clinics and doctors that specialize only in headache treatment. If you look at the right URL you’ll be able to find one near you so that you can guarantee that you get the right diagnosis. It’s important that you are aware of the different kinds of headaches and know how to identify them.


Migraines are the monster truck of headaches. This is because the pain tends to be more intense and they last for much longer than any other headache would. You can identify a migraine because it can last from 4 to maybe even 3 days in a row. The pain is severe and it actually keeps you from being able to function properly. It is associated with either nausea, sensitivity to light, or sensitivity to even sound. Another defining factor is the presence of an aura.

Not everyone who has a migraine experiences this, but many do. An aura is something that comes on before the migraine, such as a visual distortion of sorts- you may see black spots or your vision might become hazy. The cause of migraines can be a genetic issue, or it could be related to hormone changes in the body as well. If you suspect you have migraines, it’s best if you visit a doctor before taking anything.


The pain from a sinus headache is not that different from a migraine symptoms, so it can be easy to mix the two up. However, what makes a sinus headache stand out is the fact that it is accompanied by symptoms such as watery eyes, pressure in the sinus areas and of course, a bit of congestion in the nasal area. Usually, a good old cold medicine like a decongestant or an antihistamine should do the trick if you’re experiencing this kind of headache.


This kind of headache is quite self-explanatory. It literally feels like there is pressure being put on your head and the pain can be quite tense- but nowhere near as intense as sinus or migraine pain. It’s believed that the root of a tension headache stems from stress. They’re just extremely annoying, but can be treated with over the counter headache medication.


Cluster headaches are just as painful as migraines are because when you get them, you often feel like you cannot function. They’re usually specific to just one side and you’ll often find that you may have a runny nose and watery eyes along with it. They’re called cluster headaches because of how you can have clusters of attacks in one go, over the period of one day, for instance. It is believed that cluster headaches are the result of unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking. The only solution for this is pain management through over the counter medication.


Abnormal, or emergency headaches, are categorized as the kind that would need immediate attention. You yourself will be able to tell that this is not a normal kind of headache- the pain will be extreme and severe, even unbearable, and can also be accompanied with other symptoms such as throwing up, a high fever, or an inability to function at all because of the pain. In this event, then you have to goto the hospital immediately, just to be safe. It could be a result of high blood pressure, overexertion, or perhaps a symptom of something else that might be wrong.

There are many kinds of headaches that one can experience, but the categories mentioned above are the most common and it’s important for you to understand how to differentiate between them so that you are able to treat it accordingly and correctly. Make sure that in any case, you still make it a point to visit a doctor so that you can confirm what the root of the issue is, and have it take care of properly.