This year has really shown us a lot. Among all of the news headlines, the one story that has captivated everyone’s attention and affected everyone’s lives has been the ongoing pandemic. It came as a surprise to many, but while it is not ideal, we have to live with it for now.

Dealing with a pandemic on a micro-scale means taking care of yourself as best you can, and this year has proven to be difficult for physical and mental health alike. If you find yourself struggling with your overall wellness, check out these steps to improve it.

1. Schedule Virtual Hangouts Regularly

It might be hard to imagine having much of a social lifestyle, but you need to try and find time to hangout with your friends or family through virtual means. If you already have then that’s great and can really help boost your mood seeing familiar faces. If you haven’t, then try to organize a regular get together weekly. Play cards, have some drinks and chat about what’s going to maintain some normalcy to help your mental well-being in these troubling times.

2. Talk to a Counselor

A counselor or therapist could be a good solution to help you during this tough period. Getting input from a trained professional who can help you talk about your complex feelings could do you good. This helps alleviate some stress and get those nagging concerns or fears off of your back and have someone who can listen and provide sound advice. The more people you surround yourself with for support, professional or otherwise, will allow you to help foster a stronger reliance on seeking the help you need for improved wellness.

3. Discuss Your Health with Your Doctor

Just like you would with your therapist or counselor, you have to talk about your health with your doctor. It is best to go in and get a physical done to see how you are holding up because many people fail to do annual physicals and get bloodwork done to see how they are. Your doctor can recommend supplements or products to help you or do your own research on topics and products at FinVsFin.com, but you need to find things that help keep you in shape. Your doctor will be able to provide you with a comprehensive rundown of your well-being and knowing this gives you a much better chance at improving your wellness.

4. Maintain Your Fitness at Home

On the topic of health, you have plenty of time now to get back in shape or maintain it. You do not need an expensive gym membership to take advantage of healthy active living, you just need as little as 10 minutes a day. There are tons of objects around your house you can lift up to get in a makeshift workout. Run outside or do jumping jacks for a bit, do pushups and situps, anything to get you moving and focus on staying in shape while cooped up at home is good.

5. Find a New Hobby

Wellness is not all about your mental state or your body condition, it can be about busting out of a repetitive slump. Getting stuck waking up doing the same old, same old can really wear you down so you need to bust that hump and find a hobby to engross yourself in. It could be learning a musical instrument, starting an online business, writing a blog, making a themed social media page, or drawing/painting, whatever it is, you want to find something that really speaks to you and lets you express yourself. The more you can focus on things that uplift you, the happier you will be.

6. Take a Step Back From the World

If the hobby is not enough, you need to find time to unwind and just forget about everything. Go for a hike in the woods sans phone or electronics and just breathe and take it all in. Putting down the remote from watching the news and fearful stories and imagery will only help you feel less neurotic about everything going on. Knowing you cannot do anything about it should be a liberating feeling instead of scary. You can carry on with your life just fine without having to solve the world’s problems on social media simply by disconnecting for a bit at a time to unwind.

Even with a pandemic going on, you still need to be careful about your wellness both physically and mentally. Using some of these tricks, you can find time in your daily life to get back to living.