Having fun is one of the best ways to make time fly. When you have fun everything seems better. Your worries drift away, you enjoy life more, and you bond better with the ones you love. Having this fun is relatively simple, you just have to open yourself up to it. If you are having trouble though, and find that your life is dictated by routine and stress, you need to follow this guide to help set you back on the right path:

The Routines to Keep and the Ones to Get Rid Of

Routines are complicated. On the one hand, they can help us foster great habits and better our lives due to their positive impact on your health. On the other, they can suppress our creativity and make us feel like we are not going anywhere. The secret to leading a happy and fulfilled life is simply to balance the routines in your life. To keep the ones that help you stay healthy and productive, and to then work on being spontaneous and creative in the rest of your time.

Good Routines

Good routines include your beauty routine, your bedtime, and your morning routine. If you wanted to work better at work you could even introduce a routine where you work in 90-minute intervals on any given task, take a break, and then switch to another task for 90 minutes.

Bad Routines

Bad routines are the collection of bad habits we create that make us feel worse about ourselves. Watching movies after work could be a good routine, but if you feel like you have wasted your afternoon, you know that something needs to change. Doing the same after-work activity will only lead to monotony, which makes life more boring and stunts your creativity.

Try New Things

Use your spare time to introduce some spontaneity in your life! Go out, try something new, make a new recipe for dinner, and otherwise try to get out there. Make your life worth talking about and get out there at least once a week so that you can enjoy your days on the couch without feeling like you are wasting your time. If you want to be truly spontaneous, get your friends involved. Have everyone choose a place on your days out and keep it a secret until the day. That way you can really experience new things and make the most of your hometown.

Have Fun on Your Breaks

Whether you’re on a break at work or on vacation, there are ways to have fun in small doses to keep you entertained throughout the day, and all you need is your phone. You can enjoy online pokies, arcade games, puzzles, crosswords, and so much more on your phone. Complete a challenge, win some money, and just enjoy yourself when you have a second to spare.

Having fun and putting in some variety in your life is all that you need to enjoy it. Routines can be great to help you be healthy and even work better, but they are detrimental if they are not balanced with fun, spontaneous activities.