Do you aspire to live like a Real Housewife? Are you desperate to wear the latest trends, hang out in the hottest bars and live like your favourite celebrity? If your budget is more no-go than J-LO, you may think your dreams of living the celeb life will never come true, but with these top tips you could be rubbing shoulders with the famous in no time.

Hairstyles for less

When you are living on a tight budget, it can seem that even getting your hair cut is a luxury. However, by placing your trust in apprentice hairdressers at top salons, you could walk out of there feeling like a million dollars. Scope your local high-end hairdressers for signs requesting hair models and you could grab hefty discounts on haircuts and colouring. Some apprentice sessions see you getting the nest must-have hairdo for free, so it is worth keeping your eyes open for salons requiring models.

Bag a bargain

Shopping out of season is a sure-fire way to grab a bargain. Sales happen all year round and who cares if you have last season’s styles when you have snapped them up for half price? Don’t be a slave to labels, and get bargains on the high street too. In addition to in-store discounts, savvy shoppers take advantage of online voucher codes, available from a variety of companies.


Don’t spend a dime when you sign up to a freebie site like MyFreedeals.com. At first glance you may wonder how free samples of, and discounts on cleaning products, shampoos, food, and vitamins can help you live like a celeb, but if you are saving money on everyday items, you are then free to spend your savings on other things, including luxury items.

Dress to impress

Looking good can be all it takes to get you into the hottest new bars. If you look amazing and seem confident you are more likely to make it to the front of the queue. However, don’t overdo the confidence, and remember that being nice can go a long way too. If you are polite to the people on the door they are more inclined to give you preferential treatment than if you were acting aloof and too good for the club.

Enter competitions

This takes dedication, but if you are prepared to enter every competition you discover, you could be jetting off on luxury holidays, winning bundles of cash, and stepping out in designer clothing. There are numerous competitions sites which give you access to hundreds of competitions for all manner of items and experiences. Set aside a certain amount of time per day to enter competitions online and via post. Do not be tempted to enter text or phone competitions as these can incur huge fees.

Whether you truly want to emanate your celebrity idols, or you are simply searching for some ways to experience a fabulous lifestyle on a budget, these tips will bring you closer to that dream.