Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and therefore, this means that it must deal with a lot, from both the outside and the inside. Many people don’t always appreciate how their skin protects them and so inadvertently, they do things that can damage it sometimes permanently. To try and stop this from happening, there are things you can do to repair and maintain your skin so that it always looks radiant.

Looking After Damaged Skin

Sometimes too much sun or smoking can cause damage to your skin. It might manifest itself as blemishes or other marks that appear over time. Any marks that you are concerned about you should show to your doctor. However, if the doctor says they are ok, there are ways how you can remove them or make them look better. One such way is with pigmentation treatment, this type of treatment uses different processes to help clear the skin of pigmentation. It is also important to regularly moisturize your skin to prevent any further damage and keep it supple.

Stay Hydrated

You might be surprised to know that staying hydrated is one of the best skin remedies you can have. You need to drink eight glasses a day and your water intake will make your skin look better, and will make you feel better as well. Although, if you have any caffeine, it can reduce some of that water intake, so you will need to drink more to compensate.

Protect from the Sun

One of the biggest factors for damaged skin is too much sun on unprotected skin. Those with pale skin can be particularly affected and can get a severe sunburn from only an hour or so in the sun. For that reason, everyone should wear a high factor sunscreen when they go out in the sun, even when it doesn’t seem that sunny. It is also important to reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours or so to make sure it is still protecting you.


One of the best ways to keep your skin healthy is to moisturize daily. You should do your whole body if possible, but if not then concentrate on your face hands and feet. It is also a good idea to use a moisturizing body wash in the shower as opposed to soap as soap dries out the skin.


When you smoke, you are not just causing problems inside your body, but also outside. Smoking causes your skin to look older and contributes to wrinkles. It does this by narrowing the tiny blood vessels under the skin and decreasing the blood flow. It also damages the collagen and elastin that helps keep your skin firm. Studies have indicated that the faces you make when your smoke including pursing your lips and squinting your eyes, also leads to wrinkles.

By looking after your skin with some simple techniques and trying to repair damage, you can keep yourself looking younger for longer and reduce the risk of disease.