Vacuum cleaner is a must-have device for homeowners in this day and age. It is one of the most useful investments individuals can make to keep the house look and smell great. Purchasers are recommended to consult platforms like to get hands on the highest quality vacuum cleaners.

However, purchasing is just the beginning step. The real effort lies in its maintenance. It is important to maintain the device so that it works for many years. Here are some of the maintenance tips that can help you to do so:

1. Replace the bags

The easiest way to maintain a vacuum cleaner is to replace its bag on regular basis. There is a misconception that bags are only to be replaced once they are full. In fact, replace it daily for optimal working of the machine. Debris need some room to enter the bag. If the bag is already accumulated with a lot of debris inside, the vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be able to operate efficiently.

2. Make sure the bag is properly attached

Even though it sounds easy, attaching bag may be difficult given the multitude of brands, models and types of vacuum cleaners out there. This is precisely the case for first-time users. However, there is one thing that remains constant: make sure that bag’s opening is secured on the nozzle. Firmly attach the holders, hooks and clips as well, if any. If the bag is not attached properly, any of the debris wouldn’t enter the bag, but inside the vacuum cleaner which can further damage the parts.

3. Clean brush roll

Check the brush roll of vacuum cleaner occasionally. Certain items wrap around the roll which prevents it from spinning, such as hair, floss and strings. These items can be removed while the roll is in place, or entirely remove the roll. It is recommended to remove the roll so you can comfortably get rid of the items that are acting as a hindrance.

4. Check the belt

Check the belt after checking the brush roll. This allows to keep roll in place. Check whether the belt is frayed or stretched out. Also make sure it has not slid out of its place or incurred any damages in a specific spot. Generally, the belt must be replace every 6 months. Even though it is not a stringent rule, the replacement really depends on the frequency with which the vacuum cleaner is used. If the vacuum cleaner is used every day, then belt must be replaced every 2-3 months.

5. Take vacuum cleaner to the shop

If there is a problem occurring with the vacuum cleaner and its source cannot be determined, then take it to the vacuum shop. Maintenance shops are not that expensive and the issue can be figured out the same day. Parts can be replaced as well if they are damaged and it usually costs below $10. However, repairing process would depend on how old the vacuum cleaner is.