A recent study found that four in 10 Americans have a second job. It is not surprising considering that many people find it difficult to pay for basic living expenses without the extra income. For people who are artistic and love flowers, starting a business as a floral designer is an exciting way to begin a second career and make some seriously needed income on the side.

Take a Floral Design Course

People tend to shy away from academic classes thinking they take too long or are too costly. In fact, courses run from just two days to a year depending on the type of certification you want to achieve. Attending Iwed global floral classes allow you to attend both online and on campus, which allows you to gain your certification while still working full-time. Floral classes will also give you the needed horticulture, business administration and marketing knowledge to start your own local or online floral business.

Gain On-the-Job Experience

Before branching out on your own, it will be beneficial to gain some industry experience. Find a floral or horticultural mentor, work in a local shop or volunteer at a nursery so that you learn more about working with new blooms, caring for greenery, creating arrangements or selecting the right accessories. Working with other florists will allow you to make extra income while learning industry basics and professional branding.

Perfect Your Craft

Enough cannot be said about how important it is to perfect your craft, which you will be able to do by practicing. Set personal goals by learning one new flower arrangement or decorative technique each week. Do not forget to take pictures to build your portfolio. You can get flowers by growing them, foraging or buying affordably at farmers’ markets.

Market Your Skills

Having a side gig does not mean much when no one knows about them, which is why it is essential to market your skills. Take the time to build a floral website, blog or social media site so that you build a reputation. Use local search engine optimization so clients can find you quickly.

Attend Local Events to Network

Networking is an important action that florists need to do since it is a competitive business. Even brick-and-mortar florists have to market to gain new customers. Attending local floral events, seminars, or workshops is a great way to meet business insiders or develop relationships with new clients by showcasing your floral design skills.

Develop a Business Plan

What are your business plans? Will you rent a brick-and-mortar store or do all of your business online? Developing a business plan will help you determine your goals, set a realistic budget, identify your customer base and determine your business practices.

Love Your Job

Having a second job can be stressful. You will reduce your stress level when you are doing something you love. You will also make more money when you enjoy the job.

Do you have a second job? Do you have any tips for future florists? By following these simple tips, you will be able to start a second job that will ultimately turn into a lucrative full-time career.