As a business owner, you enjoy being in the office as much as you can. However, an out-of-town seminar is coming up next month that you’d really like to attend, so you will be packing up and leaving your company for several days.

While you have a great team of employees you trust to take good care of your company during your absence, you also want to be sure everything is as secure as possible.
By taking care of certain tasks before, during and after your trip, you can rest assured that your business will remain as safe and secure as ever, and that you will return to a happy group of employees and customers.

Before You Leave: Upgrade Your Security System and Servers

Your business probably contains a great deal of expensive equipment, as well as sensitive employee and customer data. To help keep an eye on the building and the important people who work there, consider installing or upgrading to a high-tech security system that can be accessed by a smartphone. For example, Lorex offers both wired-in and wireless options that are easy to install, take crystal-clear footage and can be accessed remotely by an app.

In addition to a new security camera system, you may want to take the time to teach a refresher course on data security to your team, as well as take tangible steps to protect vital information. As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce notes, call a meeting prior to leaving for your business trip and remind your employees about the importance of data security. For instance, advise them to never open suspicious emails, and to be sure their computers are protected with a two-factor authentication system. Take a few minutes to be sure the latest anti-virus software has been downloaded, and if your employees are having difficulty remembering their updated passwords, invest in a password management system that prevents the use of super simple passwords.

While You Are Away: Monitor and Check In

Once you are at your seminar, you can still keep tabs on the office from your smartphone or tablet. Encourage your team to keep in touch with you and to not be shy about texting or emailing with any issues that come up. Check the security camera system footage using the app; while chances are good nothing will be amiss, if you spot something suspicious you can alert the police and also let your manager know what’s up. Check the news alerts on your phone from time to time; if you spot a story about a security breach of some type, read carefully to be sure your company is not part of the issue and give your manager a call to keep an eye on the story.

When You Return: Review and Update Your Policies as Needed

You had a great time at the seminar and you are glad you went, but you are also happy to be back at your company. Shortly after returning, check in with your managers and other key employees to ask about any issues or concerns that they may have had while you were away. For instance, if your employees mention they really like the new security camera systems but would also like more exterior lighting for when they have to work late, you can look into installing floodlights. As The Silver Lining notes, great places to place lights include all entrance points; mercury and metallic vapor lamps are especially good because they are virtually unbreakable.

Enjoy That Seminar and the Time Away

By taking the time to secure your building and the contents inside of it prior to your business trip, you will have a much more relaxed and enjoyable time away from work. Expect to also spend some time during your trip monitoring things back home and realize that your security plan will not be set in stone. You can always tweak it and add to it to be sure your company and the amazing people who work for you are as safe and secure as possible.