Is your partner’s birthday coming up soon? Whether you’ve been together a few months or a few years, trying to find inspired ways to mark the occasion can often mean you don’t know where to start.

There are different reasons to be baffled. If you’re still getting to know each other, the chances are you’ll not be 100% sure of their favourite band or beer. And if you’ve been together forever, it’s likely that you’ve bought them everything they could possibly want over the years!

Whichever camp you’re in, allow us to provide you with some inspired ideas to help you give them a birthday they’ll love.

Breakfast in bed

Start their special day in the best way. Treating them to their favourite breakfast in bed is a sweet and romantic way to show you care – plus it’s an easy way to treat them. Pile a tray with tea, toast and all the good stuff so their birthday gets off to the best start.

Surprise party

Unless they’ve told you they hate them, a surprise party can be the perfect treat. Whether you gather friends and family in your partner’s home, or you head to a restaurant where their loved ones are waiting, this can be the ideal way to celebrate.

There are plenty of creative ways to surprise your partner, too. Add their favourite foods and set up their favourite games to make it really meaningful.

Make a meal of it

Have they been hinting about heading to that new restaurant in town for a while? Or maybe you’ve got plans to cook for them? Food is an essential part of any birthday celebration, so surprising them with a meal for two is a sure-fire way to make them happy.

Get personal

Get them a gift that’s totally unique to them. A personalised gift can show how much you love them and serve as a reminder of their special day. From getting their name stamped on their favourite sweets to adding a note to a photo frame, there are lots of ways to make this a bespoke treat for them. If you’re looking for ideas, Card Factory has a great gift selection.

The big escape

Why not get away for a romantic weekend? Book a mini break to the coast or head to a lodge in the country and enjoy some time together. You could make this fun by dropping little hints in the run up to your getaway, leaving the big reveal until the very last minute.
Are you feeling inspired? What will you treat your partner to?