The bedroom is the perfect place to unwind, rest and have a good night’s sleep. However, if you have a small bedroom, it may not be as inviting, and it can be hard to spend time in a room that feels cramped and cluttered.

The situation only worsens if you have to put many things in your room. Too many possessions in a small space can make it hard to move around or even keep it tidy. However, just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t make it a haven for yourself.

Some easy tricks can help you make the most of your small space. Once you find the method that suits you best, organizing your room will feel like a breeze. Here are some innovative ways to get the most out of your small bedroom space.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

The first step to organizing a small bedroom is to declutter. This means getting rid of unnecessary items from the bedroom. The bedroom is primarily a place to rest, so you can start by removing anything extreme. If an item is not needed, you can get rid of it for good, or you can move it to another room if you still need to use it. For example, if there is a desk that you don’t use, you can move it to the living room.

Another way of decluttering is by donating or trashing unwanted belongings. You can donate clean, functional clothing and other household goods to charitable courses. Items that are in bad shape and undesirable can be thrown away.

Free up the precious space in your bedroom by getting rid of extra decor. Minimize pictures, art, and posters on the walls. Maintaining a clean and straightforward look will make the bedroom look organized and feel bigger.


Use Dual Purpose Furniture

Using dual-purpose furniture is also an excellent way of having additional space for your small bedroom so that you can organize it better. You can go for a bed with drawers underneath or opt for a cabinet in place of a bedside table.

The space under your bed is precious. If your mattress is low to the ground, purchase some inexpensive bed risers and fit some drawers with your belongings under the bed. If you want it to look more organized, a long bed skirt will do the job for you.

Windows can disrupt storage spaces, but you can make the most of the room just below the window by using a trunk. The trunk serves twice as storage and a seat. The space behind your door can also be fitted with hooks and vertical organizers for shoes, scarfs, and jewelry. Finding these additional spaces around the room gives you storage for items that would otherwise be littered around the room, making it look disorganized.

Maximize The Closet

The more you can store in your closets, the less that has to be held in your main bedroom area, making it look more organized. Small bedrooms often have space for just a tiny closet, so you’ll want to make the most out of the closet space that you have.

One good way to eke more storage out of your closet is by installing a second rod below the already installed one. Most cabinets come with a single rod. However, you can get an adjustable closet rod from any home improvement store. This will allow you to hang clothes on a second level, doubling the hanger space.

Additionally, you can use coordinated hangers that hang on one another to save space in the closet. These hangers allow you to hang two or more items together, each on its hanger. Another option is to install shelves or place storage furniture to fill up the free space in the closet. This allows you to get more items up and off the floor and make your small room look more organized.

Folding Clothes

We all need to look good, and so does the bedroom. If you’re still short on space when it comes to your dresser, don’t forget to rotate items out seasonally.

For example, you don’t need all your heavy winter sweaters folded neatly and taking up space in those drawers when you could use the space for t-shirts and summer tops. Store those in the closet where you have the additional space.

Do you fold your clothes almost every day and then disorganize them once you go through them trying to find your outfit? There’s a solution. Try folding your clothes using the method of “vertical folding.” This will let you maximize your drawer storage space by up to 50%, and you will find it generally easier to grab what you want without disturbing all the other clothes in your drawers.