Whether you’re throwing a party for yourself or for someone else, a celebrity-inspired party is a great way to celebrate. When celebrities throw parties, they do it right – celebrities parties can run pretty wild, with some amazing things going on! Although you may not have the same budget as some of your favorite A-Listers, there’s definitely a way to make it happen without ending up spending millions like they would. If you want a party that deserves a feature in your favorite celebrity magazine, we’re here to tell you exactly how it’s done.


Flexible Budgeting

Most celerity parties don’t have a set budget. They simply let the party run wild, which can be easy when money isn’t an issue. Of course, most of us can’t afford to simply spend millions at a time on one party, but there are definitely ways to get around it. If you’re feeling budget conscious, invest in some expensive-looking decorations that won’t break the bank. Or, finish the party at another location such as a show on the male revue tour from Hunks the Show.

Selecting Your Guest List

Putting together a killer guest list is an absolute must for any celebrity inspired party. When the celebs party, they like to be seen with all of their most high-profile friends – preferably those who won’t be embarrassing when they’ve had a bit to drink. So, don’t just invite anybody and everybody to this party – think carefully about who you invite because sometimes, only having your closest friends can be much more fun than inviting a huge bunch of people who you barely know.

Setting a Theme

Some of the best celebrity parties have all revolved around an awesome theme. Masquerade parties, beach parties, black tie, or even movie-themed parties have all been firm favorite events in the celebrity world. Themes are a great way to tie everything together and can make it a lot easier for you to get everything organized. The classic Hollywood party theme is, of course, very fitting!

Make an Entrance

When a celebrity throws a party, they definitely make sure that they make a show-stopping entrance. So, don’t forget to have a red carpet! Along with that, you need to make sure to pay extra attention to your outfit to ensure that you’re the belle of the ball. When celebrities throw parties, they make sure that they are the center of attention with an outfit that’s definitely going to turn heads.

Keep Everyone Entertained

The secret to an amazing celebrity themed party is to make sure that you keep everybody entertained. Whether this be by ensuring to serve plenty of delicious food, having an endless supply of champagne, hiring a DJ to make sure that everybody’s kept dancing all night long or even hiring a band, there are plenty of different things that you can do ensure wonderful entertainment. Throwing a celebrity party doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars! When you plan it right, you can throw a party worthy of Hollywood at a fraction of the price.