It is a bittersweet moment when you decide to sell your car. As an exotic car owner, you know that there is something special about it compared to your average vehicle. While there is the excitement of your next new ride, you need to sell your current one first. You want to get the most value for your vehicle with the least hassle possible. Selling an exotic car comes with its own set of factors to consider and selling to a reputable and legitimate buyer is your best option. Preparation is vital, and by following this guide, you can ensure your car will get the best value possible.

Interior Detailing

Before you sell your car, you want the interior to look polished and like new. Dirt and grime will inevitably build up over time, along with general wear and tear. If you want a buyer to pay top-dollar, then you must focus on the small details. It is especially crucial in exotics, such as if you decide to sell Bentley. Greasy handprints on windows or dash, mud stuck to the floor mats, and dust will all reduce the value. They are all easy fixes, and a professional cleaning job or detailing can go a long way.

Assess the condition of your floor mats as well. If they have holes or excessive dirt, you may want to consider buying a new set. Buyers will notice seat stains almost instantly, so tackle those before you sell. A heavy-duty stain remover can do the trick for most stubborn stains.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of your exotic car is the first thing the buyer will see. Outer appearance plays a massive role in the value you can expect to get for your vehicle. Make sure you give your car a thorough wash and wax. Many drive-through cars washes will offer a full-service exterior wash as well as a wax-coat and undercarriage wash. It is easy and only takes a few minutes. The drive-through car washes will also dry your car, which is the most crucial part of avoiding any spots or streaks. Make sure also to scrub and brush your tires and wheels to remove any stuck-on dirt and mud.

For a real pick-me-up, you might want to consider a professional wax, or the multi-staged clay bar, wet-sanding, and buffing wax. It will really help your exotic car to sparkle.

General Maintenance

Of course, before selling your car, you must make sure your general maintenance is up to date. These are typically small routine procedures, but they are essential before you sell. Being able to list a vehicle with new tires, just had an oil change and new wiper blades will increase the value more than the cost to do the maintenance. It can also help you to identify any underlying issues with the car because you will need to decide whether to sell it with them or fix them first. If you do opt to sell as-is, make sure you are completely transparent with the buyer.