In 2007, the average American moved their family 11.3 times in their lifetime and 28 million American households moved every year based on the US Census Bureau. Studies show that the wealthier population segment is less likely to move compared to households with income less than $100,000. Most people move to seek cheaper living conditions, while others might move due to an improvement in their socioeconomic status. This includes moving to a better neighborhood with a better school district for your children or moving due to finding a better job. Whatever the reason behind moving is, it usually is a good reason.

People resist change, however, when they finally make that important decision then they get stressed out about the daunting task of organizing and moving all items they have in their house. This requires proper planning, especially with the heavier furniture, where not only you risk damaging them but can also seriously injure yourself.

Plan before attempting

The worst part of moving is knowing how to navigate the heavy items through your house and out the door. Some furniture that you are unable to disassemble, might not necessarily fit through your door, but with proper measuring and maneuvering you can squeeze them out the same way you put them in. According to the experts at, it is important to use all tools and friends or professional help that you have at your disposal before moving. Once they are there to help it is important to plan to move out, the easier and smaller items first so that you have more room in your house to twist and turn the bigger items like a couch and large tables.

Sometimes, if you are on a lower flower it could be easier to get things out the balcony or window by tying them down and slowly letting them go to a friend waiting on the outside. Whatever method you choose detailed planning is the number one step towards safely moving large items.

Remove all items that you can before

It is important to empty out desks and drawers from all smaller contents inside. Sometimes items such as desks or drawers are easy to disassemble and move piece by piece before reassembling again. Doing this can save you precious time and money before hiring professional help or calling your friends for help. If drawers are not possible to remove it is important to table them up to keep them from opening up. Removing things that protrude out of your furniture such as legs and knobs is important not only to make them lighter and fit through doors but also to avoid damaging them. Properly labeling these pieces and their order is important for reassembly later on.

Use essential moving tools

In antiquity humans used basic tools and principles to move heavier objects. These same tools can be applied to modern day furniture that are too heavy for one person to properly grab and lift. Using lifting straps like a pulley system to lower a piano out a window is a smart solution because lifting straps put much more strain on one’s body by having the center of gravity lowered and centered to where your strongest base is. Having a dolly is essential for moving anything.

A furniture dolly with four wheels decreases friction and enables us to stack smaller items or heavy items on it and just push or pull, which is what is recommended to avoid straining your back. Stair rollers with proper straps help to guide heavy items down the stairs. It is important to not have anyone in front of the heavy item just in case it slips. Glides that can fit under your furniture are another way to decrease friction on the floor so that it is easier to push or pull your heavy furniture to where you want to go. These also keep the furniture and floor from scraping against each other.

Moving heavy objects can be a daunting task, but with some proper planning anything can be moved. Creating a pathway by moving everything except heavy items is an important first step to make it easier to move. Disassembling bigger furniture and taking everything out of drawers is another helpful tip that should be done prior to moving. Also, having the proper tools such as straps and dollies makes a difference in avoiding injury. Finally, it is important to seek professional help when you have very heavy and delicate items that you do not want to damage.