Hair can become damaged from being constantly exposed to heat or from not being cared for properly. However, having damaged hair does not mean the end of the world. You can still style it to look beautiful and simultaneously work towards taking better care of it so that it becomes healthier. Lucky for you, you do not have to look any further because here are all the ways you can style damaged hair to look amazing.

1- Air Drying is Key

Your hair is probably this damaged because of constant exposure to different elements without getting proper care in return. While having a blow out is great, it can still be quite damaging to your already suffering hair. To avoid adding to the damage your hair sustained, you can try air drying your hair instead. To do so without ending up with frizzy out of control hair, you need to have your hair detangled while it is still wet. Afterward, you can use a microfiber towel to blot out the extra water so that your hair is not sopping wet but just damp to the touch. At this point, you should not touch your hair at all. Touching your hair while it is still wet will cause static and create frizz which you do not want.

2- Use the Right Styling Tools

Damaged hair needs to be treated gently. Therefore, you need to use the right styling tools for your hair to stay as damage-free as possible. For example, you could invest in a hair straightener that does not expose your hair to excessive amounts of heat yet manages to give you the sleek look you are seeking. Experts from state that there are different factors that a buyer needs to take into consideration when trying to find the perfect straightening tool to use on damaged hair. For example, you need to find out what temperature settings are available on the straightener and how effective it can be if used on a lower heat setting.

3- Add Moisture to Your Hair

Damaged hair is often dry, to give it a healthier and livelier look, you need to start adding moisture to it. You can add some moisture to your hair by using a good quality conditioner, conditioning cream, or treatment that gives your hair the nutrients it needs and makes it shiny and healthy-looking.

You might be wondering what the difference between a conditioner and a conditioning cream is. Basically, they both give your hair added nutrients and a healthier look, however, a conditioner is used directly after washing your hair and then you rinse your hair. A conditioning cream on the other hand could be used before you even shampoo your hair. A nourishing treatment is usually not rinsed out of the hair so that you can have the most benefit.

4- Avoid Damaging Chemicals

When picking products to use for styling, you need to make sure that you are picking ones that have natural ingredients rather than a bunch of chemicals that will create the illusion of having healthy hair but brings more damage to your hair than ever before. Chemicals such as parabens and sulfates should be avoided at all costs. They cause a lot of damage to healthy hair, let alone already damaged hair.

5- Decrease Exposure to Heat

As mentioned above, heat can be an obvious factor in why a person’s hair becomes so damaged. To style your hair without adding any more damage try limiting the heat you expose it to. For example, you can try a no-heat curling style. All you need to do is get a headband and then twist your hair around it while your hair is damp. You then leave your hair to dry while it is in the headband. After a couple of hours, your hairs will be in curls or to be more precise beachy waves. You can also avoid any heat by trying out your natural hair for at least one day per week so that your hair can rest from constant exposure to heat.

7- Up-dos are a Lifesaver

Up-dos can be an amazing solution to bad hair days, as well as trying to cover up damaged hair. A simple bun can look elegant and is effortless. The best thing is that there are many different updos that you can try out on damaged hair. For example, you can have a messy bun, a high ponytail, or Leia buns. Whatever up-do you choose to have, you can dress it up even further by adding hair accessories.

Using these hairstyling techniques, you are going to be able to hide the fact that your hair is damaged while giving it the care and attention it deserves. Remember that you cannot expect to fry your hair and then restore it by using conditioner or nourishing treatment. You need to make sure that your hair is healthy so that it remains so.