If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably one of those people who swore they would never put their aging parents into a nursing home. There’s always a certain risk involved once you decide that it’s better for your elderly one to move into a nursing center. Will they like it there? Will the staff treat your parents properly and provide the necessary care? How will you feel knowing that you’ve trusted someone else with your parents’ well-being? The questions are endless and no matter how hard you try; you won’t be able to shake off the feeling of a guilty conscience.

So, how can you ensure that your parents or siblings are taken care of even if you can’t visit very often? Well, believe it or not, there’s a way for your parents to get the medical assistance they need without being put in a nursing home. Instead, you could hire a caregiver that would either look after your elderly one on a need-to basis or, if your parent is suffering from a serious health condition, then the caregiver could be available 24/7. But, how do you go about choosing a caregiver? If you’re unsure about the qualities a reliable caregiver should possess, then keep reading to find out more.

Outline a clear job description

Whenever you’re in need of a service, you should have a clear image of what exactly you’ll require from the person and what their daily duties and responsibilities will be. A job description should include all the necessary information such as whether the person is obliged to have a driver’s license or relevant experience in a similar role. Also, you’ll want to indicate whether they’ll be expected to lift your loved one and help them move around.

It’s important to clearly state everything in the ad so that you only get in touch with people who are able to answer all of your demands. If there are any other chores around the house that the candidate is supposed to attend to, those should also be added to the description.

Spread the word

Once you’ve compiled a list of the tasks the caregiver will be expected to manage, it’s time to post your ad and start looking for a qualified candidate. Nowadays, the easiest way to find anything under the sun is to simply post about it online and you’ll get a response in no time. However, if you want to avoid going through dozens of CVs, we recommend that you do it the old-fashioned way—simply ask around.

If you’re living in a tight-knit community, then chances are, a neighbor would be able to recommend a caregiver they’ve hired in the past or someone they’ve heard of. Word-of-mouth is the best way to find a trustworthy person and you’ll have evidence of the caregiver’s credibility.

Start the interviewing process

After you’ve gathered a couple of suitable candidates, it’s time to have a chat with them and see whether you’re a good fit. This is when you should also introduce them to the person they’ll be taking care of. Remember, you’re searching for a caregiver for your loved one, so it’s important that they develop a good connection with the person you choose.

If you’ve never conducted an interview before, you might want to invite some other family member or friend to get a second opinion. Should you know anyone who’s already been through the process, that person could observe the interview and give you their opinion on the candidate. Be sure to go through the caregiver’s resume and check whether they’ve obtained their ACLS certification as this is a must for anyone working with elderly people, especially if your loved ones are suffering from a heart condition.

Visit whenever possible

You’ve finally hired the ideal candidate and now it’s time for them to start working. You’ve run a background check, got in touch with their previous employers and you’re confident in your choice. However, as we’ve mentioned in the opening paragraphs, it’s never easy to leave your loved one in the hands of a stranger. So, for your peace of mind, it’s a good idea to check up on the caregiver in the first weeks.

For instance, whenever you have free time, or you’re coming back from work, make sure to stop by and see whether everything is going according to plan. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll feel more secure.

The bottom line

Hopefully, the short guide will help you find a trusted caregiver that will attend to your elderly one and treat them as they deserve. There’s nothing wrong with asking for some extra help, so you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. As long as you do a thorough check up on the candidate, you’ll have nothing to worry about.