When you feel confident, you feel like you are ready to take whatever the world throws at you. You’re more likely to make new friends and welcome new opportunities into your life. Even if things seem like they aren’t working out, confidence gives you the chance to try again without any remorse or apprehension.

However, not everybody feels confident 100% of the time. It’s normal to have ups and downs throughout your life. What you should do is strive to make a change. We’ve compiled some of our favourite techniques and methods to help you regain your confidence, both inside and out.

Start Gratitude Journaling

If you’ve not heard of this practice before, gratitude journaling is the habit of writing down the things you are grateful for and reflecting on your life on a regular basis. Try to start off small and begin by writing for five minutes every morning, you’ll notice how you become more positive with your daily outlook.

Practice Your Hobby

Taking time to do the things you love is a great way to boost your confidence. You’ll notice that the more time you take to practice your hobby, the better you’ll get at it and the higher your confidence will be.

Treat Yourself to New Clothes

Sometimes all you need for a bit of a confidence boost is a new outfit (or three). Head over to your favourite shops and treat yourself to a new set of clothes, purse, or pair of shoes. If you’ve already got a troublesome shopping habit, it’s worth taking some time to clear your wardrobe and donate any unwanted items to local charity shops.

Get Your Smile Fixed

Many people feel very insecure about their smile. It may be because they have a tooth out of place or, perhaps, they wish their teeth were pearly white. Whatever the case, you can head over to your local dentist and restore your smile with veneers.

Look Back on Your Accomplishments

More often than not, all it takes for your confidence to come back is a small reflection on your past achievements. Take some time to remember how far you have come. What are you most proud of? How did you get to those points? Self-reflection is an excellent tool to improve confidence levels.

Write Down Your Goals

Similarly, you can use goal setting to improve your confidence. You’ll never realise how much you are achieving until you set yourself some goals. Remember to start small and work your way upwards. You may have a larger goal to save up for a luxury holiday at the end of the year. Why not set a goal of saving a couple hundred each month and work your way towards the outcome?

As we said previously, confidence can be here today and gone tomorrow. The most important thing is that you work on it continuously. If you don’t believe that you are fantastic both inside and out, who else will? Remember to keep that chin up and stay smiling.