If you’re dealing with living paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to make ends meet, it may be time to consider cutting down on your monthly expenses. Too often, we rack up small monthly costs and quickly forget about them, but they can add up big in the end. The key, then, is to reexamine your entire monthly budget to figure out what is not at all necessary. Below are some of the top ways to do just that.

Lower Monthly Expenses by Refinancing Your Loans

Before jumping into the smaller expenses, first consider how you can tackle larger payments, such as student loans. These loans can weigh heavy on grads for a long period of time and feel like an especially large burden, especially in relation to other expenses. Fortunately, you can refinance student loans into a new loan with a private lender to get a much more flexible repayment schedule and lower interest rates. Private lenders can work with you on a much more flexible level compared to the federal level, taking away some of the larger strain.

Go From Paid Entertainment to Free Entertainment

The age of the streaming service also means the age of subtle but pesky monthly payments. With so many streaming options available, like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max, it may be tempting to sign up to multiple services to get maximum entertainment. But, with many of these streaming services sitting at around $15 each month, your costs can quickly add up. Instead, you should consider canceling all (or most) of these services and seeking out activities you can do for no cost. There are plenty of websites and apps dedicated to finding free or budget-friendly activities in various places across the globe. You can also look into things like Groupon to find large discounts on popular activities and events.

Use Cashback Apps

Another modern and trendy way to save money is to use cashback apps that you can download, with some being free. Use these apps every time you go shopping at your favorite stores to rack up rewards and get cash back. Some popular options include Rakuten and Ibotta, which can also offer you discounts and voucher codes, as well as coupons when they become available. You would be amazed at how much these apps can save you a month by already doing something you do anyway — shop.

Switch Monthly Plans

Most people get stuck into the same plans without realizing that they could save greatly by looking for cheaper costing options every month. This is especially true for insurance or cell phone plans. For cell phone plans, there are more options than ever before for finding a great working cell service at a minimal cost. Many of these plans offer discounts to certain individuals as well, such as students or service members. Alternatively, you can look into switching your insurance plan. Here, you can talk with an insurance agent to find a plan that covers your medication and regular doctors without costing an arm and a leg.