Building the perfect wardrobe is a fun time. There is so much room for improvement or experimenting to help bring your vision of your style to life. From new styles to improving on old pieces, your wardrobe can be a great reflection of who you are. It can feel difficult trying to figure out how to improve it though.

The reason why improving your wardrobe might be difficult is that you want to save money. Clothes or outfits can get expensive, especially something like shoes, but it is worth it in the end. If you need some help figuring out how to save money on your wardrobe and make it look good then these tips might help.

Buy Vintage and Thrift Clothing

One of the best ways to improve your wardrobe and save some money is to shop used or buy vintage. Thrift shopping is a wonderful way to find old clothing that people do not like anymore. It takes some patience to go through the racks at a thrift store, but you can be rewarded with some very interesting finds. A lot of people get rid of clothing because it does not fit anymore or they grow out of that style, so the quality is often still very much intact. Likewise, it is not uncommon to find designer or name brands for less than $10 which is definitely not possible at department stores.

Set a Budget

Spending too much on clothing can be easy to get lost in as clothing can get expensive when buying from certain brands or certain articles of clothing. Shoes are a culprit for this and name or designer brands. Setting a budget for your monthly clothing purchases is a good idea to help save some money. There are even budgeting software or planners that can help and this tool is capable of helping you manage your expenses, which can be more easily monitored. Being able to track your spending will allow you to see how much you need to save each month and where your money is going to better help you build a wardrobe without going overboard on spending.

Choose Statement Pieces

Part of a smart wardrobe is picking a statement piece. Many people are unaware of this rule and go too flashy on every part of their outfit. This is a good way to end up overpaying for a lot of clothing pieces. Statement pieces are meant to alleviate that problem by giving you one or two outstanding parts of the outfit that draw the eye. Things like coats, shoes, accessories are all ways to achieve this. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of pants when you can buy a much less expensive pair and focus on something that stands out in comparison? Statement pieces might be more expensive on average but they serve an important purpose.

Mix and Match Existing Clothing

On the point of the statement pieces, mixing and matching them with other outfits might unveil more options for you. Being able to use many of your articles of clothing in your wardrobe to create more outfits is a smart tactic to save money. One thing to remember is that any wardrobe should contain a fair amount of basics. Plain colored shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. which can be used with other outfit pieces. Similarly, you can even repurpose old clothing by creating new ones if you have the creative touch and can work your way around a sewing machine or needle!

Sell Your Old Clothing

Much like buying clothing from vintage or thrift stores, you can also help other people improve their wardrobe with your clothes too. Selling your old clothing can help put some money in your pocket to buy new clothing and it helps clear up some much-needed room in the wardrobe if you are planning on expanding it. Most thrift stores give a fairly reasonable price for used clothing assuming it is something they would like to carry and if the clothing is in good condition. It might only be a little bit of money, but it is much better than simply throwing it away and letting it go to waste.

Improving your wardrobe and saving money at the same time is a balancing act that can feel hard to maintain. Luckily there are more options now than ever for making your clothing choices look good, improve your outfits, and keep yourself from spending too much. These simple tips can drastically improve your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost that it usually takes to do so.