When we hit the required age to get a driver’s license, we become eager to learn how to drive and then buy a car. However, owning a vehicle is a responsibility, and you will need to continuously check for any defects to guarantee your safety as well as other people’s.

Specific problems must be diagnosed by a professional mechanic, while other issues can be noticed and solved by you. You just need to figure out the basics of your car and read the manual to learn about different problems and whether you can fix them or not.

Dim Headlight

At night, you would want to see the road clearly, so if the lights are dim, you will barely see ahead of you. Poor vision can cause disasters because you may not see pedestrians crossing nor road bumps. To fix them, you need to check whether the problem is coming from the headlights themselves or the battery. Corrosion takes place every once in a while, and luckily, you can remove the rust using vinegar and baking soda. Repeat that for a couple of times and then turn them on. The lights will get back to normal once you clean them.

Squeaking Door or Window

The squeaking sound you hear every time you open the door or the window is unbearable for a lot of people. It is easy to eliminate the noise by oiling the junction between the car and the door. Also, you can change the rubber surrounding the frame of the window because it gets torn after a while.

Warning Lights

Cars nowadays are smart and can self-diagnose. They will warn you if anything is abnormal by turning on warning lights. You just need to pay attention to your car’s needs and never think that it puts out signs for no reason. Here are some warnings that should be taken seriously.

Check The Engine

There are various reasons behind this nagging light. The most common ones are unrecognized fuel consumption, faulty airflow sensor, or damaged catalytic converter. It is hard to know which one of them is behind the defect. That’s why car enthusiasts from https://obdstation.com/ tried to find a solution to pinpoint the mishap accurately. One of the devices that is easy to use is a scanner that can be connected to your automobile. It can read what the car fails to announce. After knowing which part has gone bad, you may need to visit a mechanic because engine issues are above your level of expertise.

Oil or Heat

Some fluids are necessary for the car to start and to keep running well. If the oil light is on, you have to hit the brakes immediately. You can check it by opening the hood and see whether the remaining oil is above or below the word “add.” If it is below, you should call someone to come to you with oil to refill the tank. Moreover, any vehicle needs fluids, like water, as a coolant. If the temperature rises, most likely, the water level is below the optimum. It is a piece of cake to add water and continue with your journey.

Ineffective Windshield Wiper

You may forget about the existence of windshield wipers in summer. However, on rainy winter days, you will be desperate for them to work faster. If they are ineffective in removing water, you should take a closer look at them. If dirt is all over them, you need to use a detergent to wipe away the debris.

But they may be torn, so in that case, you should replace them. However, if you have been trying to spread water on the front shield but nothing is coming out, check if the supply jet is clogged and remove the obstruction using a thin needle.

Hazy Paint

If the car becomes dull, it is probably due to the constant contact of the exterior with airborne dust particles that scratch the outer surface of the vehicle. That is easily fixable by repainting any tiny chip you notice by touch up paint. That way, you will be protecting it from rust and keeping it shiny.

You should know your car like the back of your hands and act fast when you are being warned. Sometimes you will have to fix the issue on the spot to be able to move for a couple of miles. By reading the instructions, being familiar with the most common problems that happen while driving, and keeping a scanner with you, you will be able to take action when you are in a bad situation instead of waiting for help to arrive.