We all love shopping. Wandering around the mall, looking in the different windows, trying on different things, socializing with friends, spending money, what isn’t there to love about it. All the sights, sounds, smells, and new experiences make it exciting and even fun. However, shopping in crowded malls, carrying multiple bags and being distracted does make you a target for criminals. You also need to be aware of various accidents that can happen. Whether you’re shopping on your own, with family, friends or small children, here are some precautions you should take.

Parking Lot Safety

If you tend to go shopping at the weekend, you’re likely to find the mall parking lot full if you don’t get there early. This means you’ll be forced to park far from the mall entrance. Often, these places are poorly lit which means you might be going back to your car in the dark. Always choose well-lit areas to leave your car. If you’re able to park in the mall parking lot find a space as close to the entrance as possible. Park in a space which is well-lit and when you leave your car, make sure it is properly locked. Any purchases you make should be locked in the trunk rather than thrown in the back seat. If you leave them in plain view, they will make your vehicle an easy target. If you’re planning to purchase something expensive, leave this item until the end of your shopping trip.

Safety in the Mall

Just because you’re in a shopping mall, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. You should be vigilant at all times. To protect yourself, you should avoid darkened hallways and deserted backrooms. Carry as little as possible in your bag or pockets and leave unnecessary items at home. Be aware of what’s going on around you by not having cell phone earphones plugged into your ears. Know where the security stations are and where to go in an emergency. Pay attention to safety signs and follow instructions. When you’re visiting the bathrooms look out for signs that warn you of slip or trip hazards. Should you be injured, you may need to seek the help of an attorney who specializes in slip or trip injuries; Zanes Law Group is one such company.

A New Way of Paying

When you pay for your merchandise at the checkout, you’ll notice a different way of paying has been introduced. Rather than swiping your card, you’ll be able to dip it. This is a new system that provides an added layer of protection. You will need a new chip card to pay in this way. The chip in the card creates a onetime code that can’t be passed on, duplicated, or counterfeited. Unlike previous cards, your personal information can’t get compromised.

The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to stay safe. Shopping at the mall should be an enjoyable experience, and it will be if take a few simple precautions.