Male pattern baldness has plagued the heads of many men and women from centuries ago until today. It’s an unstoppable force that seems to have anyone in its path succumb to its hair-weakening and scalp cavity-shrinking might.

Or at least, it used to be unstoppable. Through, you can finally kiss hair loss goodbye and say hello to thick and strong locks a la your youth.

How Minoxidil Works

You’ll be amazed to know that there indeed is an over-the-counter solution for male pattern baldness. Surgery and hair transplants aren’t the only ways to regain and regrow your thick locks atop your head. That may have been so a few years ago. But with advancements in technology and medical researches for the perfect ingredients, Minoxidil came into the picture.

It wasn’t the main product being worked on at the time. Scientists were trying to come up with a different type of medication to address high blood pressure and blood pressure stabilization. However, in the process, they noticed that with the mixing of some key compounds came about an oddly fantastic side effect— hair growth and thickening.

Minoxidil is considered an antihypertensive vasodilator, just as we’ve mentioned its original form was for the purpose of cardiovascular health. Yet it is an effective treatment for hair loss and can be availed of without a doctor’s prescription.

Where a slew of male pattern baldness meds can be found online, you can rest assured with Minoxidil because it has been tested, proven safe, and is approved by the Food and Drug Authority.

Due to the reason that it regulates blood circulation, blood flow then carries oxygen in a balanced cycle all over your bodily systems, all the way to your hair roots and follicles. It doesn’t reverse the natural process of a receding hairline.

However, when oxygen is circulated well through your scalp, follicles will begin to grow thicker and stronger, as opposed to how male pattern baldness thins the locks and eventually stops their growth altogether.

How To Use Minoxidil 

Because Minoxidil is topical, it should be used only in that manner. It either comes in a lotion-type of consistency or as an oil. Do not try to mix it with other products, whether for the purpose of hair regrowth or not.

This means that dry shampoos and dry conditioners, hair gel, wax, and spray, and other similar products should be avoided when applying Minoxidil. Washing your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner are acceptable. Only, be sure that your hair and scalp and completely dry before you begin the application process.

With the dropper that’s usually included in that pack, fill it with the right amount of Minoxidil and release droplets of it on your scalp, especially on the “crown” of your head. Next, massage it well for a few minutes and leave it on for the number of hours as instructed on the product’s box. Finally, don’t wash your hair within a minimum of 4 hours after application.