Modern style is edgier and more eccentric than ever – people are creating everyday art on their faces with colorful makeup, repurposing thrifted clothes into high-fashion streetwear, and expressing themselves in eye-catching ways that you can’t help but admire.

When it comes to fashion, giving yourself permission to try new things and take risks can be incredibly freeing. If you want to mix patterns, mix those patterns! If you want to invest in that crazy new statement piece that’s all the rage, let yourself try it out. There are no limits to the ways you can (and should) be able to express your personal creativity and aesthetic. If your style is more lowkey, but you still want to mix things up and try a new look, there are plenty of small tweaks and statement pieces you can try.

A great place to start is by looking through your collection of bras and choosing your absolute favorite – the one you can’t wear enough and that you wish you could show off to the world.

Who says you can’t?

Some bras are so beautiful and fun that they deserve to be seen, not hidden away under layers of sweaters or tank tops. Some bras deserve to be the top and be the star of the show! Here are a few simple ways to style your outfit with a bra that deserves to be seen:

Pair It With a Sheer Or Mesh Top

Showing off your bra doesn’t mean you can’t wear anything else on the upper half of your body. In fact, showing off your bra underneath a sheer or mesh top is the perfect look for a concert or night out. Surprisingly, this look is super versatile – whether you’re rocking it for a rooftop soiree or an all-night music festival, you can tailor this look to work for you.

The key here is to make sure the colors, fabrics and patterns work well together – for instance, a lacy black bralette under a sheer black top, or a pop of color under a mesh top in a lighter tone. This look works just as well with your favorite pair of jeans as it does with a patterned mini skirt or dressy pair of trousers.

Throw On a Blazer

The blazer/bra combo is truly unmatched when it comes to a chic look you can wear day or night. While this style looks great with a fitted blazer as well, it’s become increasingly popular to pair a beautiful bralette with an oversized blazer and either leave it fully unbuttoned or button just the lower half to create a deep V shape.

Pair this look with your favorite pair of jeans or cigarette pants and a great pair of pumps or boots.

Layer It Under Overalls

If overalls are your jam during the warm spring and summer months, try wearing a bralette underneath instead of a short-sleeved top. This gives you the perfect excuse to show a little skin while also remaining fairly covered up with the overalls. You can also style this look to fit your desired aesthetic – a stretchy bandeau bra, for instance, will give you a more athletic look, while a lace bralette will create a nice contrast between the rough-and-tumble look of the overalls and the softness of the bra.

Wear It Over a Shirt

This may sound crazy, but when styled well, this can actually be the perfect way to show your bra in a casual way that you can easily wear to brunch or out on a shopping spree.

This works especially well if you have a longline bralette that extends a bit past your usual band line and into your ribs. Simply throw on a tight white (or other neutral-colored) t-shirt and layer your bralette over it for a fun, edgy twist on the typical “white tee and jeans” look.

Wear It Under Your Favorite Jacket, Button-Down Or Sweater

Blazers aren’t the only kind of outerwear that look stunning when paired with a bra. You can make any of your favorite jackets, sweaters or cardigans work, whether you’re working with an oversized denim jacket, a sweet cashmere cardigan or a cozy autumn button-down sweater. The key is to match the style of your outwear with the style of the bra – for instance, a cardigan might look best with a lace bralette, while a black denim jacket would look amazing with that strappy black piece you’ve been dying to show off.

If it’s too hot for a jacket or sweater, another adorable idea is pairing your bra with a slightly oversized button down shirt. This classic American staple is easily taken up a notch whether you wear it with a stretchy bralette or a sultry balconette bra.

Ultimately, the style, pattern and fabric of your favorite bra will help you determine the best outfit to pair it with. The key is to not be afraid to take a risk and make a bold statement – after all, you deserve to be noticed.