A podcast is an audio file that can be uploaded or downloaded through the internet. Distribution of a podcast via the internet is called podcasting. Like blogs, podcasts also discuss different niches. Once a podcast has been uploaded, it becomes available to people across the internet. Podcasts are easy and simple to create, once you are done with the basic requirements in preparing and recording a podcast, you are now ready to publish it online and make it available to listeners.

1- Record Your Audio

There are two options on how you can record a podcast. You can have it recorded using your smartphone or get a microphone, download an audio software and start recording it straight to a computer. Using a smartphone can be fast and easy but recording using a computer can give you better output quality.

Using your smartphone you will need to download a recording application and a set of headphones. After recording using your phone, you will need to transfer the file to a computer. Audio files may require memory space, for this, you can use an online drive such as Dropbox, to save audio files. You can now edit your recording through your computer.

Using a computer, prepare a USB mic, a recording software, and a headset. There are several free recording software that you can download. Once you have chosen your preferred software, you need to learn how to use it and when you have mastered it, you can already proceed with your recording.

2- Edit and Save Your Audio File

After recording, the next step is to fix your file. Editing is important to give your recording a smooth finish and a balanced level of sound. This will make the sound equal and of good quality from the start until the end of the recording. Once you have tried listening to your edited file, you can now save it as an mp3 file.

3- Add Tags

Make your podcast look like a pro. You may add tags for the artist or the creator, an image or the title. Here is a list of tags that you can add to your podcast:

  • Podcast title
  • The artist or the composer
  • The album
  • Podcast genre or category
  • The year it was created
  • The album cover

Once you have completed these tags, you are now ready to share your creation with different platforms for people to listen to.

4- Get Podcast Hosting

There are several podcast hosting platforms available that you can use. This is a very important step that you need to decide on, you may start with simple publishing hosts as they can provide you the tools that you also need to promote and distribute your podcast.

5- Upload Your Podcast and Link It to Your Blogs

Uploading a podcast with the help of your chosen podcast host can be easy. All you need to do is click that “upload” button and your podcast is ready to be shared. Embed a link of your podcast to your blog page and get more audience. Share it and build your podcast name and eventually establish your brand.

Like any other product launch, a podcast requires patience and hardwork before it becomes known to many people. Your hosting site can actually do this task for you. A successful podcasting host can be one of your lifelines when you really want to build your name in podcasting.