In this cosmopolitan fast-past reality it’s become extremely popular to buy an abundance of clothes for a relatively cheap price. As the fashion industry is constantly evolving so are the materials and textiles of newly purchased clothes and accessories, automatically your job is to maintain them appropriately. Looking after your clothes and accessories signalizes durability, quality, and elasticity which will enable them to stay fresh and sparky as if you have just purchased them. So, if you are wondering how to meticulously take care of all your apparel and accessories, here are some practical tips to keep everything in perfect shape.

1. Wash clothes mindfully

Even though this might sound like a basic routine, but maintaining a regular washing routine is a must. This requires washing clothes thoroughly but mindfully. Avoid washing on a daily basis, read the clothing’s label, and follow the washing instructions appropriately to set the right temperature. By looking at the washing instructions you will have a clear insight into how to properly keep and dry them. This will maximize the longevity of your clothes plus ensure the durability of the material.

2. Let your jewelry sparkle

Most jewelry pieces are made out of gold, silver, stainless steel, or some other form of oxidized metal. Take off the rings, bracelets, and necklaces when you’re having a bath, place them in a cotton bag or some dry pace, and wipe each piece with a soft cloth to keep them sparkling. For tedious debris around jewelry use lemon juice or olive oil. Most people wonder how to clean gold jewelry from stubborn dirt, but, just like with all other metals, it usually requires a simple soak in the water and washing liquid.

3. Fold clothes appropriately

Once the washing machine has done its job, unless you have a drying machine you should do the following:

  • Make sure that the clothes aren’t soaked (if so, press spin regime on the machine one more round)
  • Place them on a clothing line and air dry thoroughly

If available, always let clothes air out outside. And the last and most important step is to fold clothes along the seams to keep the shape in order and avoid unwanted creases. Folding clothes immediately after they have dried ensures elasticity and longevity as well.

4. Maintain your bags

No matter the materials, fabrics, and hues, your fall and summer bags desire special care and protection just like your clothes. Wipe clean all your bags from time to time even if you’re not using them. If you’re not using them, empty all the compartments and clean from inside with dry clothe and place them in a plastic bag to avoid dirt and dust falling on it and store them away.

5. Protect the shoes

Your shoes demand extreme and special care. Whether you own leather, suede-like texture ones, or some other form of material, always store them away from liquids, hairspray, direct sunlight, and perfume. Keep the off-seasonal shoes in their original shoe box or wrapped in tissue paper and stored in some specific closed box. For full-on maintenance, wipe them out with a damp cloth after each use. For extra shine and protection, you might want to use protective spray, only make sure that you use the appropriate spray or polish for the right material.

6. Learn basic repairs

Nobody wants to find their favorite shirt buttonless or accidentally torn, however, some mishap is utterly frequent. To maximally increase the protection of what you have and prolong the lifespan of your clothes, you should learn some basic clothing repairs. Always have a needle and thread in the house to quickly sew up the missing button or mend a scratch on your favorite jeans. Not only will you make them last longer, but this small but meaningful repair will save you tons of money.

Looking after your precious possession will ensure long-lasting quality and durability. Let your clothes and accessories speak about your character so pay attention to taking care of them immaculately.