Standing or sitting for long hours and lifting heavy objects – these are some activities you usually do in your promising career. These are true, especially if you are handling a big project in your work. You may be spending too much time sitting in front of your computer, or if you are in civil and architectural work or science research as a lab scientist, you will be standing for a long period. If this is the case, it is very important to take care of your health to sustain yourself and be able to deliver whatever is your goal with your project. And posture is one of the major contributing factors to good health.

Posture will tell how a person holds his body, and as you do your daily job, you need to have good posture to keep you balanced and feel stress-free. To maintain a good posture means the lesser the risk of getting back pain, back injury, or body aches that can cause delay to your project because you are unable to work.

Here are some tips to take good care of your spine and be able to maintain that good posture.

Carry Heavy Objects the Right Way

There is a proper way of lifting objects, as stated in most general safety standards. Before lifting an object, you need to know how heavy the weight is, how far will it be transferred, and what will the pathway look like. You can also consider dividing the load whenever possible, especially if the weight is heavy for you. When lifting the object, avoid lifting with your back and upper body, and never bend to reach when lifting. Instead, keep the object close to your body then use your thigh muscles to lift the object while keeping your back straight. Also, keep this mind: if the object is heavy, it is better to push than to pull.

Pay Attention to Posture

To have a good posture while sitting, use a chair that will support your spinal curves. Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor or use a footrest to maintain your thighs parallel to the floor. On the other hand, if you are in a prolonged standing position, make sure to balance your weight evenly on your feet. Learn to listen to you your body, if you are sitting or standing for a long period, you should try to change position or walk around periodically to release tensions and avoid the occurrence of back pain.

Take Care of Existing Injury

If you are suffering from an existing injury, you need to be more extra careful with your spine. Along with your goal to succeed in your project, you should also include not having any added injury to your back. If you have been experiencing chronic back pain, you can seek for medical recommendation to relieve you from any recurring pain. Nowadays, there are several options, like rehabilitation therapy or surgical procedures, that can help alleviate back pain. Some medical centers offer spinal fusion alternatives which are typically noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures to support and keep the back in good posture. If you are considering this, always seek a medical expert so your conditions will be assessed, and he can give the proper recommendation for your back.

Stay Hydrated

The spine holds an adequate amount of water. With inadequate hydration, the spine disks can start to shrink and to lose its height, leading to painful disk conditions. Dehydration can cause poor mobility and decrease elasticity making the spine unable to hold the body upright. If you want good spinal health, stay hydrated despite your busy schedule. Always have a water bottle with you no matter how long you have to stay at work to maintain good spine health.

Listen to Your Body Signs

Never ignore any pain that you feel in your back or neck. Always seek medical advice if you feel recurring pain, as this might pose a more serious condition if not treated accordingly. If your body cannot continuously lift weights, do not force your self to lift them or some repetitive tasks can cause or trigger back pain, you must stop doing the task, and allow your body to rest. If there are activities in your job that aggravates your back pain, do not attempt to do it, as it can cause you further injury.

Taking care of your spine, which includes your back and neck, reduces your risk of having lower back pain and stress. In general, good and proper posture brings good health and confidence. These are very much helpful, especially if you have to finish a project without having any delays due to poor health conditions caused by chronic back pain.