Lancets are small needles used to prick the skin to obtain a blood sample. The blood sample obtained after pricking can then be put in a machine to run a test.

Needles can be intimidating even to look at. Lancets come in various sizes and are manufactured by different brands. A pip lancet conceals the needle, creating less anxiety and fear of being accidentally pricked and reducing the pain of pricking.

Why use pip lancets?

Ever get tired of always going to the doctor to check your blood sugar? At times there are circumstances that will make it impossible for you to visit your doctor or the doctor to come to check up on you.

With a lancet at home and a test kit, you can conduct a test anytime. Self-monitoring becomes a more manageable task, and you can know how to go about the results.

These lancets are unique because they do not expose the needle. Anyone with needle phobia will immensely benefit from the use of these lancets.

Also, they are a safety measure because there is no possibility of accidental pricking. Users have this assurance because many hospitals trust their safety measures.

Procedures of use

The use of lancets becomes more straightforward as you continue conducting regular blood sugar tests. You can take your measures to reduce the pain, depending on how often you have used the lancets.

For instance, you may find the use of alcohol before pricking an excellent way to ease the pain. Others may find it more comfortable not to use alcohol.

Let us look at ways to use a diabetic lancet:

Twist the cap in a complete circle to remove

When you remove the lid, the needle is exposed, allowing you to use the lancet. One advantage is that you won’t get to see the needle.

Apply pressure on the test site

The test site is the part of the body that you prick using the lancet. Mostly, you pierce the tip of the index finger.

Apply blood to test strip

Once pricked, a drop of blood emerges from the test site. Use the test strip to collect the
blood. Apply slight pressure around the test site if the blood coming out is very little.

Discard the pip lancet

It is a health safety measure to discard that diabetic lancet after use. There is no need to reuse for accurate test results.

When purchasing lancets, you have more than enough to use in multiple tests. A new lancet is sterile and hygienic. Reusing may make the lancet contaminated and blunt.

The simplicity of this procedure is reason enough why you should use lancets. Also, it does not require much strength or force.


A pip lancet have unique features for easy distinction. For instance, different colors signify different needle sizes and lengths. Your choice depends on the amount of blood you need, and the thickness of your skin.

These lancets are safe for children too. A concealed needle means that the child will not have access, keeping them safe from harm.