An air fryer is a kitchen appliance used for making fried meals such as potato chips, meat, and pastries. The tools circulate hot air in the food, producing a crunchy exterior. The appliances have a lower content of calories and fats, making them a healthy alternative to deep-frying foods that otherwise need large amounts of oil to cook. The devices have time and temperature adjustment controls fitted in to allow you to prepare your food to perfection. This article takes a look at ways through which you can use an air fryer for your health benefits.

1- Use the Right Amount of Oil

The name may seem like a poor description because you need to use oil when cooking with an air fryer. It doesn’t mean you use air to fry the meals. For the food to be crispy, you need about one to two teaspoons of oil. The little amount is used because the hot air in the machine cooks the food. Without oil, the food might get leathery or burned. You can use oil spray for light coating your meals, especially for braided recipes like fish sticks and chicken fingers. Using a lot of oil can drip, hitting the bottom tray, which may burn as a result. If the cooking food is not crispy as you want it to be, you can put a hold on the temperature to add some little oil to it.

2- Avoid Overcrowding

Overcrowding air fryers only cook uneven food. Adding too much food causes a mess. Expect to get half-burnt food, not tasty, and maybe half-cooked food too, which is not good for your health. If you have a lot of food to prepare, you should cook in batches. Make sure you don’t go beyond halfway. The appliance needs proper space and air to cook the food and disseminate the flavors equally. If you put a lot of food in the fryer at the same time, then it will not be able to cook them. If cooking in portions is a task for you, you don’t have to worry. Experts from recommend you size up to a larger model that can meet your needs. The market offers various types and sizes. Make sure you research to get the right air fryer for your needs.

3- Regular Cleaning

The air fryer requires regular cleaning to function efficiently. Use your hand to wash the bottom tray and the basket with soap and hot water. You can occasionally soak them and scrub lightly. Never make the mistake of putting the appliance in a dishwasher. If you don’t clean leftovers from your air fryer, it causes food to burn in your next cooking. This mistake can ruin your dish as well as causing smoking. The dirt left in the air fryer penetrates in the food you are preparing, which may upset your stomach. It can also spoil the appliance. When buying an air fryer, look for the new models in the market with removable parts. It is easier to wash them.

4- Avoid Cooking Raw Vegetables

In most cases, people buy air fryers to manage a healthy diet lifestyle. It could be fresh veggies or unprocessed foods. However, with the air fryer, you need to use frozen vegetables and not fresh ones. Raw vegetables can scorch inside before they get cooked. On the other hand, frozen vegetables are the best choice for air fryers because they have more moisture, allowing them to cook fully. Cooking frozen vegetables doesn’t make it different from the raw ones. You still get the same flavor. When cooking your vegetables, don’t cut them too small to prevent them from falling down the basket. In case you are cooking legumes, use a pan that fits in the fryer to secure them.

5- Allow for Ventilation

Place the air fryer at a spot where there is proper ventilation. Having it placed in the middle of your working space is a good idea. Good ventilation ensures a smooth running of the appliance. Ventilation also ensures that your food is evenly cooked as well as preventing fire hazards. For your food to have the crispiness needed, you need an excellent flow of air enough to heat the food. To enjoy the benefit of a healthy meal, keep the air fryer on a stable, heat-proof surface to avoid falling because of vibration.


You can’t deny it, the air fryer is excellent. It is vital for managing your diet. It’s a fantastic way to cook party-like meals. You don’t have to order from a restaurant when you can cook all those exotic dishes at your home. The appliance allows you to enjoy different types of foods with various tastes without risking your health. Besides, the tools are safe and easy to use. If you don’t own one, it’s time you get the magical tool. Make sure to read buyer’s reviews before making your purchase.