Thinking of redecorating your bedroom, and not quite sure where to begin? Re-doing your bedroom furniture with a color scheme can be a fun creative challenge, and leaves you with a space that is visually pleasing.

When you’re undertaking a redecoration project, especially for your bedroom, visuals are not the only thing you need to prioritize. Finding the most comfortable mattress for your sleep, creating a reading nook that you can unplug and unwind in, and finally taking the leap and getting a nice rug or carpet for your floors, can also make an equal impact on your space.

Here’s how to use colors to guide your choice of bedroom furniture, and leave you with a space that feels fresh and looking forward to tucking yourself at night:

Calming Colors For Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing colors for your bedroom furniture, you’ll be best served to choose neutral, pastel tones. If you are drawn to brighter colors, you may choose to use them as accents in your bedroom. The reason cooler and softer colors work better for bedroom furniture is because they’re less likely to stimulate the mind, and help you get into a state of much-needed relaxation.

If you’re looking for a space that feels tranquil and encourages relaxation, lavender, seafoam blue, and pale grey are all great options for something that creates a calming impact on your space. Bedroom decor colors that have been trending in the recent past include dusty pinks, calming beiges, and sand tones, as well as dull yellows, all of which have been shown to boost relaxation and feelings of peace.

In one survey conducted by travel agency Travelodge, respondents suggested they felt a better night’s sleep in blue, yellow, and green toned rooms.

Choosing A Sleep Set-Up That Works For You

Cozy colors are not complete with a sleep set-up that’s been optimized for your rest. Finding the most comfortable mattress for your sleep won’t just ensure your redecoration project is a success, it also plays a role in the way you choose to decorate your room.

The most comfortable mattress for most people accomplishes a fine balance between providing sufficient comfort and support through the night. Memory foam mattresses are a great choice if you’re after this kind of versatility, and are often ranked amongst the best mattresses you can find for a comfy night’s sleep.

The type of mattress you end up investing in is also going to have a serious impact on the way you decorate your room. For instance, the most comfortable mattress for your sleep might be a hybrid mattress, which tends to be taller than average-sized beds.

Finding the most comfortable mattress size for your space is, therefore, an equally important component when it comes to figuring out how to optimize your sleep space.

Sleep-related bedroom decor can really help you hone in on the comfort of your space. If you’re already confident you have the most comfortable mattress for your space, then you might want to try switching up other sleep accessories on your bed to add color and interest to your bed.

Opting to get a weighted blanket in an accent color that speaks to you can help both your sleep and the overall look of your bedroom. Similarly, use throw pillows to incorporate some of the brighter colors you find yourself drawn to, but are unable to incorporate into your wider bedroom decor color scheme.

Staying guided by color when you’re decorating your space is a great way to both narrow down your options and really create a space that resonates with you. From finding the best mattress you can for great bedding to making sure you’re introducing brighter accents in a subtle way, you’ll be able to hit reset on your space and keep things looking cozier than ever.