Cleaning the stairs can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right tools. For easier cleaning, it is always good to go for a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Such a device allows you to maneuver the stairs with ease. View this link for some of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. That said, here is how to vacuum stairs for perfect results.

1. Start by getting rid of the big dirt debris

Before you even think of switching on the vacuum cleaner, remove all the papers, food debris, and everything else that could affect the functionality of the vacuum cleaner. It also makes cleaning much more efficient. That’s because you can move faster, once the large debris is out of the way.

2. Clean from the corners

Stair corners often hide a lot of dirt. That’s why it is always good to start with them. To clean out stair corners with a vacuum cleaner, remove the larger attachment, and only use the smaller nozzle. Cleaning the stair corners will also make it easier for you to clean up the other areas.

3. Work up the stairs

When cleaning stairs, always work your way up. It makes it easier for you to clean up all the edges and corners. Besides, it is much more convenient than trying to clean from the top down. You will save on time, and have better cleaning experience.

4. Be firm when pressing the vacuum at the corners

Staircase corners happen to store lots of dirt, especially fine dust and other debris. As such, to ensure that you get rid of all the dirt, press the vacuum nozzle tightly on the corners, and be firm. From there, move it slowly from one edge to the next, until you achieve the results that you want.

5. Cover the entire step

Once you have cleaned up the corners and the edges, move the vacuum cleaner over the entire step. This is to ensure that every step is fully cleaned up, and no dirt is left behind. Repeat this process every step until the entire staircase is cleaned up.

6. Clean the vertical part of the step

Just like the stair corners and the stepping part, the vertical part of the stair-step is equally important. To clean up this part, hold the vacuum cleaner upside down. For more efficient cleaning, make sure to finish up with one step, before moving to the next.

7. Stand at the top step and inspect your work

Once you are done cleaning, stand at the top stair step and check out your work. The goal is to ensure that there are no dirt patches left on the steps. If you notice any parts that you missed, you can follow the above steps to get it cleaned up.

8. Store the vacuum cleaner well

Once you are done cleaning, make sure to store your cleaner well. Remember that proper storage is a crucial part of its maintenance. You can always use its manual to help you guide on storage.