When it’s that time of the month, women are visited by their monthly cycle. It can be a painful and uncomfortable experience for some as you might feel pain and pressure in your stomach, lower abdomen, or lower back. If you’re feeling any of these, you’re likely experiencing dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps. The symptoms usually start some days before your period and can linger for a few days.

Menstrual cramps are completely normal. The contractions are caused by the release of the hormone prostaglandin. Together with the cramps, some women also experience dizziness, loose stool, and headaches. This can also be the reason women tend to be very sensitive during these days, bringing out the worst of mood swings.

Here are some home period hacks that may help make your monthly cycle less painful:

1. Apply heat

Heat is good for your body, especially around your abdominal area. Apply a heating pad or warm compress on your lower abdomen. Heat can help your muscles relax by relieving muscle tension and improving your blood flow. You may replace the water once the heating pad gets cold. You can also take a hot shower to relax your muscles as it is understandable that you may feel stressed during your period.

2. Massage your abdomen

Another remedy to ease that pressure you’re feeling in your abdomen is to massage it. You can use some herbal or essential body oils that help in relieving pain. Massages reduce uterine contractions.

Understandably, some women find it hard to relax their backs and lie down due to the concern that they may leak on their beds or sofa. It would be best if you use a menstrual pad or tampon, whichever makes you comfortable. Better yet, you may use Knix period underwear if wearing pads makes you uncomfortable. These types of underwear are thin yet very effective in absorbing liquid, preventing you from worrying about any leak.

3. Eat nutritious food

Some women tend to have a bigger appetite during their period. They tend to have these sudden cravings for random food. Usually, this is caused by hormonal changes and mood swings. Despite this, make sure that you eat the right food for your body. Avoid processed food and others that are high in salt as these will not help lessen your abdominal pain.
It’s recommended that you eat anti-inflammatory food such as fruit and vegetables to relieve cramps and promote blood flow. Try eating garlic, pineapple, ginger, and tomatoes as well as leafy green vegetables.

4. Do light exercises or yoga

Most of you may find this as a piece of unexpected advice considering that you’re in no mood for exercise due to your cramps. But, doing light exercises like walking or even a few stretches can actually help relieve period cramps. Yoga is also suggested as it can help you release endorphins that make you feel happy and relaxed, easing your body pain.

5. Drink plenty of water

Aside from menstrual cramps, women also experience bloating during their period. Bloating is when you feel like your abdomen is full and tight. You might think that you just gained weight. Don’t worry. It’s not really weight, it’s just part of the symptoms you get during your period. To reduce bloating, drink as much water as you can. It might sound weird as you may think water will only make you feel fuller. But, water actually helps reduce the bloating and alleviate the pain it causes too.

Aside from water, you may also treat yourself with herbal teas instead of coffee that is rich in caffeine. Herbal teas like chamomile or ginger helps in alleviating period cramps and can also help you sleep better at night.

6. Sleep

When you’re on your period, you’ll feel even more tired than normal. A lot is going on in your body; you have menstrual cramps, you feel dizzy, you’re not in the mood, and you just want to lay down all day and sleep. That is why some women don’t attend to work when this time of the month arrives.

That being said, you must get yourself a good and relaxing sleep for, at least, eight hours a night. Sleeping can help you relax, especially the muscles in your abdominal area. At least, temporarily you’ll forget the pain that you’re feeling in your abdomen.

Bottom Line

Your monthly cycle may not be your favorite time of the month, but still, it’s something that you should appreciate. When you have your menstruation every month, it means your body is healthy, and your blood flow is regular. Learn to live with it, and by following these tips, you’ll soon get used to your period and the pain that goes with it.