With gym season in full swing, don’t bypass the most important part of a great workout…fueling your body afterwards! WTRMLN WTR is packed with electrolytes (3.5x your favorite sports drink) and L Citrulline, a powerful amino acid to aid in workout performance and muscle recovery. Vitamin C and lycopene add additional anti-inflammatory health benefits and antioxidants to this great tasting cold-pressed watermelon water.


From football players to Yogis alike, WTRMLN WTR is universally loved in the health & wellness world. Celebrity fans include Chrissy Teigen, Paul Millsap, Erik Kratz and more!


Other Benefits

Only fresh watermelon and lemon. No Sugar and No water added
Low in sugar – Only 12g sugar (same as coconut water, less than most juices)
2x potassium of a single banana
Gluten free + Vegan
Available at Whole Foods in NY, LA, NJ, CT and soon to be San Fran| $4.99/bottle

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