Ian Erix is a global artist who is making his mark in the music industry. Getting his professional start in New York as a DJ/MC at the extraordinarily young age of 9 and signing his first record deal at  the mere age of 16, Erix’ style, meaningful and relatable lyrics have inspired fans around the world. His wild and provocative journey has taken him from his humble home in New York to his upcoming new album release “Horse of a Different Color” set to drop at the beginning of 2016.

With his platform sneakers, multi-colored hair and trademark sunglasses, you won’t confuse him with anybody else on the music scene right now. His eccentric fashion sense parallels his Electro Punk Pop music style. Ian’s music has racked up over 20 million plays online, which has landed him on several Top 10 charts on 3 continents. His single “Shangri-La” recently topped 1 million views on YouTube and broke into YouTube’s Top 40 pop charts in Europe.

Recently embarking on a promotional cross tour across Europe, South America and Asia, he is currently in the U.S. and has just wrapped up shooting his “Graffiti On My Heart” Quadrilogy which will be the highlight of this new release. This unique promo release consists of a short film broken up into a 4 part music video that will be set to 4 different songs, highlight Ian’s upcoming music. While each song tells very different stories ranging from pain and loss and a fractured spirit to rebellion and anti-conformity, this is a venture that Ian holds close to his heart. His highly anticipated new album, “Horse of a Different Color,” is expected to release this year, an album loaded with inspirational, heartrending, feel good tunes that people in all stages of life can enjoy.

 Additionally, Ian will be portraying an animated character in a new video game created by some of the same developers involved in the famed Guitar Hero franchise. The music based game will feature two new musical tracks from Erix and the game is expected be released cross-platform for Wii, Xbox and PlayStation gaming systems.

This past summer, he attended some of the most famous pop culture events and EDM festivals around the world including Spain, Belgium, Finland, Greece and Israel. Erix hosted “The Drop”, an exclusive 10 episode series for VEVO TV highlighting the world of music festivals while giving viewers a backstage, private pass into the lives of some of the hottest and well respected A-listers in the EDM, pop music and pop culture realm.

Ian’s innate ability to connect and move people with his music stemmed what is called the “mutt army,” a group of people who support Ian on all his crazy endeavors. With his world-wide passionate and devoted followers, his own line of apparel and new projects in the works, Ian Erix is a force to be reckoned with. Anticipation is high as he is in preparation for his full scale American launch.

When did you first start singing?

My first live performance on stage in front of a crowd was when I was 5 but my parents couldn’t shut me up from the time I could talk!!! Then I started dj/ing and emceeing professionally from age 9 and signed my first record/management deal when I was 15!

Who else in your family sings?

My grandfather was known for his booming voice and always encouraged me to sing everywhere I went when I was a child…actually he and my grandmother practically demanded it, lol!!! My brother can also sing and I have an aunt who’s got a great set of pipes too!!!

Explain your sound in 3 words?

Electro Punk Pop

Who are your musical inspirations?

I was always inspired by the huge classic pop icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna but I was also very influenced by pop punk bands like good Charlotte, New Found Glory and Blink 182!!!

What kind of music do you listen to today?

I like a lot of the top 40 stuff that you hear on mainstream radio and I also listen to a lot of EDM and pop punk still too!!!

What is the first thing the upcoming songwriters should do to make it?

Make sure you have a thick skin, you have got to be able to take constructive criticism and grow but also be confident enough in yourself to let negatively and naysayers roll off your back…and you’ve got to be prepared to never give up and keep on keeping on, no matter what. Also, never stop writing new music because you are always only just one hit song away from your big break!!!

What is your musical background?

I have no formal training whatsoever if that’s what you mean!!!

Do you ever get nervous?

Ya sure, sometimes but not a stage fright kind of nervous. Playing huge crowds doesn’t freak me out or give me butterflies at all but things like forgetting choreography when I’ve had way less rehearsal time than I should have leading up to a show or video shoot can definitely put me on edge a bit!

What is your next goal as a musician?

Really looking forward to releasing my new album and taking the new music out on an arena tour!!!

Tell us about “Graffiti on My Heart”?

“Graffiti On My Heart” is a 4-part music video quadrilogy that we just wrapped filming a couple days ago and I’m really excited about it…its basically a short film that’s based around some of my new songs and broken into four different music video segments that will be continued into each other. It starts off with me as kid at about 10 years old and shows some personal aspects of my life…reflects on some abusive family relationships I had the misfortune of having to deal with as a kid and then catches up to me later in life and shows how I dealt with certain things and tried to rise above tragic situations I faced. The saga ends with a really poignant call to arms for people in the world to open their hearts and minds and I have a really epic speech standing on top of the roof of a house and on top of cars in suburbia before the final song kicks off….we have some really amazing shots and segments throughout the quadrilogy……I cant wait to share it!!!

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Always be true to yourself and treat others how you would like to be treated. And don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can’t do!!!

What is your favorite song to belt out in the car/for karaoke?

For most of my life it was “Consider Yourself” from the show Oliver cause my grandparents would make me sing it everywhere I went!!!

If I was to turn on your iPod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?

…Hmmm, I was just listening to “Wild” by Troye Sivan which I think is really good…let’s see, oh there are a couple of songs from The Weekend that I like and a track called “Runaways” from pop punk band All Time Low I’ve been listening to a lot…I’ve also got my songs from “Graffiti On My Heart” on constant replay this week because we are going through the mastering process so I have been getting everything all fine tuned and ready to go!!!

How do you spend your spare time?

Whenever I have any down time, you will find me hanging with my family, watching TV or movies, skatin’ or hanging at the beach!!!

3 things you can’t live without?

My family, my cell phone, music.

Five years from now you will be

….Ruler of the world!!! 😉

How important is Social Media for you?


Where we can follow you?







Quote: “Graffiti on my heart, but I’m not gonna tone it down” – Taken from my upcoming quadrilogy and my single “Horse of A Different Color”

Best book: Um, I think the last one I read was The Cat in the Hat, when I was like 8 😉

Food: Pizza

Restaurant: Pretty much anywhere in New York that serves Italian food…I’m basically a pizza and pasta-terian!!!

Movie: Pippi Longstocking 😉

Song: Krewella – “Live for the Night”

TV Show: Austin & Ally 😉

Holiday Destination: Punta del Este, Uruguay!

Sports Team: Sorry, never watch sports and have no fav teams!!!