Microsoft is one of the renowned vendors for IT certifications and exams in the world. Most of the employers in the tech industry prefer specialists who have received Microsoft validation or the badge related to their area of expertise. One of the ways by which Microsoft ensures that the IT newbies have gained required knowledge in various technology sections is through special exams such as 98-349, which introduces this article.

Getting Started with Microsoft 98-349

To get to an advanced or expert level of Microsoft credentials, you must start form the basic one where you are equipped with the foundational knowledge in your area of expertise. The Microsoft Certification is an entry-level exam that showcases your basic understanding of the Windows Operating System Fundamentals. It is designed for the candidates who want to gain proficiency in Windows 10 environment which is the latest operating system in the market. To get profound skills in Windows 10, you must go through the following topics thoroughly:

  • Grasping the configuration of operating systems;
  • Upgrade and installation of client systems;
  • Applications management;
  • File and folder management;
  • Device management;
  • Maintenance of an operating system.

As you prepare for your 98-349, it is important to note that you should expect 40-60 questions of various types, such as active screen, hot area, multiple-choice, mark review questions, to mention a few and which you are to complete within 45 minutes.

Why Opt for MTA badge?

Upon successful completion of Microsoft 98-349 Real Questions, a candidate directly gets crowned with the MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals which is the basic credential under the Microsoft certification program. This badge is important for specialists who aim at advancing their career in IT because of the following factual aspects:

  • Strong IT foundation

The skills gained by taking the MTA test are very crucial in ensuring that you have built a strong and solid foundation in your area of expertise. This is because you are equipped with the basic concepts which highlight the key attributes a specialist should be conversant with when launching a career in IT. Therefore, the MTA credential is perfect for individuals who aim at having a successful career in IT.

  • Introduction to advanced credentials

Upon getting this entry-level credential, you get to develop a road to other advanced badges that are in line with the Windows Operating system. This is important because you will have already gained a better understanding of what is entailed in your career. MTA certifications give you a clear overview of all aspects involved in your area of expertise. Therefore, you will be able to make decisions on which associate-level credential is good for you because you already possess fundamental knowledge.

  • Recognition

Many professionals fail to be identified or recognized in a crowd because they have not taken a step to get industry-standard certifications. Microsoft badges are globally known as the best. Therefore, all your skills will be proven by the fact that you have passed the exams which focus on real-world concepts.

  • Unlocks opportunities

Without a certification relevant to your area of expertise, the opportunities will be limited, and getting a job can be a huge problem. Possessing the MTA credential gives you a chance to become very marketable in the industry because you have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Therefore, many opportunities that you were not able to access before getting certified will be perfectly unlocked and you can compete with other candidates. Additionally, you will also be the most suitable candidates for various job roles because the MTA credential proves that you are committed and dedicated to your career. As a result, you can easily be trusted with the role you were aspiring for.

  • Hands-on skills

As earlier mentioned, the format of the questions can include performance-based which assesses the candidates’ ability to work with the real-world entities upon getting certified. Besides, passing 98-349 involves taking at least one lab session to seal your understanding of the concepts which are featured. As a result, you get to perfect your hands-on skills in working with various tools. Therefore, the MTA credential is proof that you can solve the real-world problems that may arise.

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Career Prospects

With the basic knowledge and skills in Windows Operating System, a professional can assume the roles of a Windows systems administrator or network engineer. While the MTA is the basic certification, Payscale.com estimates the average salary of these certified specialists to start from $49,000, which can vary depending on work experience.


The Microsoft 98-349 exam is a perfect step for all the candidates who have a desire of starting a promising career in IT, because it helps you earn the MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals and equips you with a strong foundation in Windows 10 environment which is important in advancing your skills. The only trick you have to put in place is to practice all the concepts you have learned so that you can be competent when solving real-world problems. And this is where ExamSnap.com and its reliable exam dumps come to help you!