If you love high intense action, then gel balling might be the perfect hobby for you. Gel balling or gel blasting is a gun sport similar to paintball shooting. The main difference is that gel balls are first soaked in water to expand; there are no paintballs. Read on to find out everything you want to learn about important tips to consider before starting with gel balling.

Be Physically and Mentally Prepared

Gel balling is a physically demanding sport, and you must be mentally prepared to get hit by your competitors. If you are a novice, you need to be prepared for the intense pressure you will be exposed to. There is a lot of ducking, running, and crawling involved in gel balling. The protective equipment used in the game can be heavy. As a result, you may quickly get tired when you run around clad in heavy gear. You must stretch your body first before you go into the game. Exercise will prevent injuries since your body needs to be agile. Make sure your joints and muscles are flexible to improve your performance.

Get Appropriate Equipment

In the sport of gel balling, the most crucial equipment you will need is your gun, also called a gel blaster. The gel blasters look like real guns. The idea behind this design is to keep you immersed in action to enjoy every moment of the game. Gel blasters consist of shotguns, pistols, SMGs, and sniper rifles. If you are interested in top-tier blasters, trying out GBU would be useful to get insight into different weapons for your gun blaster experience. It is essential to learn everything you want to know about gel ball weapons before buying them.
Gel blasters can be dangerous, so it is recommended that you keep them out of reach of children. They come with different attachments, just like real guns. However, the great thing about gel blasters is that they use a battery-powered motor as the firing mechanism instead of CO2 tanks. The motor shoots the gel pellets. You also need regular gear to protect your head, body, limbs, and eyes. Maintenance for gel balling is easy, and you don’t need to clean any paint after use.

Find a Community

To play gel balling, you need to find a community of players to play with. This game involves two teams that will compete against each other and one will be a winner in the end. If you are a novice, you need to connect with different people using a variety of forums like social media platforms. When you become part of a community, other team members will help you prepare your gear for the games ahead.

If you are still a newbie, they can induct you into the game to help you learn the ropes bit by bit. You need to become a team member since teams play against each other. You should feel free to connect with professionals to quickly master your skills. Experienced players are willing to assist learners since the community is still small and growing.

Practice Your Aim

Gel balling is all about precision and accuracy, so you must practice your aim. Take time to practice in your backyard by starting with smaller targets. You should ensure that you are in a safe area where no one can be accidentally hit by stray gel balls. However, the good thing about gel balls is that they do not cause severe pain if they hit someone. No serious harm is caused by gel balls unless shot at close range. Make sure you keep your gel gun in a safe place where the kids cannot access it.

Environmentally Friendly Sport

Another thing you should know about gel blasting is that it is environmentally friendly. The gel balls consist of a membrane, it is first soaked in water to increase its size and make it non-toxic. The balls consist of about 90% water, and the outer membrane is made up of biodegradable material that decomposes quickly. Therefore, making them safe to use in any setting.

Gel balling is a fast-rising fun hobby, but there are certain things you should keep in mind if you want to try and enjoy this fantastic sport. You need to choose appropriate equipment to enjoy the game; otherwise, you may regret being involved in it. Always practice your aim in a safe environment to avoid hitting anyone accidentally. You need to be wise and use the tips above as guidelines to master the game and its requirements.