With each passing month of us staying at home, we’re all getting a little bored of our living spaces. If you want to take your rooms from drab to fab without breaking the bank or completely renovating, check out these tips for some fresh inspiration.

1. Upcycle What You Own

If you have some pieces that you love but are starting to look old and tied, why not upcycle? It’s a great way to practice sustainability and breathe a new lease of life into items you already own. If you have a worn-out chair, have it reupholstered! If you have a ratty old rug, take it to a rug repair service! There are loads of great ways to recondition your most loved pieces, plus it adds character to your items and means you don’t have to fork out for replacements!

2. Add A Statement Wall

If you want to modernize your home, create a statement wall. This could be with paint, wallpaper, or even just artwork! There are some great peel-and-stick wallpapers out there if you’re a commitment-phobe. If you want to create a dramatic wall with little effort, put up lots of prints and artwork in frames to add some interest to a plain space.

3. Check Your Lighting

Light fixings can offer a huge change to the feel of a room. If you lack natural light but really crave that airy feeling, make sure your ceiling shade provides the maximum light from the bulb. You don’t want to block any brightness with a dark, gloomy shade. This is also important in the reverse. If you’re going for a moody, sultry vibe, make sure you’re not leaving tons of light to come through, ruining that intense ambiance.

4. Fresh Up Window Dressings

A change in window dressings can be a great way to mix it up without having to fully redecorate a room. If you’ve always had blinds but want to soften the area, why not try curtains? If you have musty, moth-eaten curtains in your contemporary kitchen, why not opt for a sleek roller blind? This simple swap out can hugely alter the feel of any room.

5. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Plants, throws, cushions. There are tons of little things you can change quickly and cheaply that will totally transform a space. A simple swap of cushion colors can give the room a whole new feel or adding a different rug to the floor can make a difference. Incorporate plants into your space for a better living environment. Not only will they cheer up the room, but plants are also known to reduce stress and boost your mood.

6. Feng-Shui Chic

If you already love the items you have in a room and don’t want the hassle of redecorating, why not move around what’s already in the room? You can follow the classic principles of feng-shui or try out your style. Even something as simple as swapping out the books on your coffee table for some fresh reads to flick through can make a big difference!

Which of these tips will you be trying to mix up your living area? Let us know in the comments!