Born in Iran and raised in Norway along with her family, Shiva Safai moved to Los Angeles when she was 19.

Whilst in Los Angeles, Shiva created her own company where she worked for more than eleven years. She is now working on a new venture that involves beauty and hair products (stay tuned for the news of this exciting launch).

She met her love, Mohamed Hadid, at one of her favorite LA restaurants. Together, they are celebrating their one year engagement with no wedding date planned as of yet.

We all know Mohamed Hadid as a successful businessman and real estate developer, but as Shiva told us, he is also an amazing painter. We have just seen his latest work which is an amazing oil painting of Shiva and believe me, it is very impressive. You can check it out on his Instagram account here.

Shiva and Mohamed’s family get along amazingly. Shiva has 2 brothers that are both fitness instructors, one of whom is just about to open his own fitness company.

When Shiva is not modeling for charity events, runways for her dear friends Michael Costello and Walter Mendez or attending red carpet events and premieres, she enjoys being at home cooking and entertaining. She also enjoys flower arranging, so every photo of their home has her personal touch. Shiva also likes to visit Mohamed on his development projects once or twice a week, taking the opportunity for a coffee break or lunch together.

What I love about this beautiful couple is that on the very first day we met at their stunning home, they were very humble and very happy people. They laughed constantly and I noticed a lot of respect and love for one another.

It was an honor to be invited to their stunning Bel-Air home famously known as “The House of Hadid.” Mohamed himself designed and built their home with amazing panoramic views overlooking Los Angeles.

Hope you enjoy this interview and the beautiful photos we have of this fantastic celebrity couple.


So what’s a typical day in the life of Shiva Safai?

It definitely consists of working out, business meetings, taking care of the household and always making time for my family and friends.

What inspires you?

Anything positive inspires me.


You have been a successful businesswoman since a young age. Tell us more about your career.

I’ve always been very independent and hardworking. I owned my own business at a very young age and was very successful at what I did. Hard work and dedication always pays off.

Do you have any future plans to continue in the business world?

Yes. I’ve recently decided to change paths and am currently working on a new project that I’m very excited about. Stay tuned…..;)


There has been talk of you joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Do you think that you’ll be joining the cast anytime soon?

It’s been fun and interesting appearing on the show, but the future plans are unknown at this time.

How would you describe your own style?

I love simplicity with a touch of elegance and class. At times, I like to be sexy but never too revealing. Always leave a little something to the imagination.

What’s one item you can’t leave the house without?

Definitely my iPhone.


What’s your secret to staying fit and in shape?

Eating healthy and having two brothers who are personal trainers doesn’t hurt, but I honestly don’t push myself too much. I believe being consistent is the key–sometimes you might be able to work out twice a week and sometimes five times a week. I try to make an effort to stay healthy, in shape and active one way or another.


Do you have any beauty/makeup tips for our readers?

My 3 makeup must-haves are:

Mascara. My current obsession is Giorgio Armani’s volume mascara.

A good bronzer. I really like Tom Ford’s.

Lastly, good ol’ vaseline for my dry lips. I can’t stand it when my lips are dry.


Is there any charity work that you are involved with?

My charity of choice is ISCC – International Society for Children with Cancer. I can’t even fathom the idea of how painful it must be for parents to feel so helpless. This is a great organization that not only helps children, but also funds parents and gives them the ability to care for them during their chemotherapy.


How did you and Mohamed meet?

I was having lunch at Il Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills and the rest is history after that…;)


What is the key to having a successful and happy relationship?

Respect, communication, compromise and most of all, LOVE.


Do you have any big wedding plans yet? Where do you think you might have the ceremony?

I don’t know about big plans, but we have some ideas in mind and would like to keep it intimate and simple. I would personally love a destination wedding with very close family and friends.


You fit in with Mohamed’s family so well, was it a challenge in the beginning?

Mohamed’s entire family welcomed me with open arms from day one. They have always treated me as a part of their family.


You love cooking, what are your favorite dishes?

Yes, I love cooking and I’ve learned from my parents that a home-cooked meal brings the family together. When I cook, it also reminds me of my childhood and my mom’s delicious cooking.

My favorite dishes are my saffron chicken, Persian spaghetti and ground beef kabob which reminds Mohamed of his beloved mother’s cooking.


Name your 3 favorite restaurants in LA.

Il Pastaio, Madeo and of course my dear friend Lisa’s restaurant PUMP in West Hollywood.


What are your favorite travel destinations?

France, Italy and definitely where I grew up Norway.


Favorite quote?

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart” ( I believe the author/quote is unknown).

Who’s your favorite singer?

I have so many it would almost be impossible to pick just one.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself exactly where I am today, but hopefully wiser, stronger and with more ability and platform to help my favorite charities. Of course, I also want to succeed in my new and upcoming endeavors.

Please tell us where our readers can follow you?

Instagram: Shiva Safai
Twitter: @realshivasafai

Instagram: Mohamed Hadid




Photographer: Daniel Zahoul / Naludamagazine.com

Styled by: Shayoon / @shayoonaboo

Hair: Brandin Palestino / @bpalestino

Make Up: Ricardo Ferrise / @ricardoferrise1

Produced By: Naluda Magazine / Natalia & Maile

Location: The House of Hadid