Check out our interview with Connecticut pop singer/songwriter Juls who just released her new single “Heartbreaker.” Receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, Variance, and several Spotify editorial playlists, Juls is rapidly becoming an artist to watch!

Her love for music began at just eight years old, when her dad built a stage in the basement for Juls and her sister. Instantly recognizing that performing and singing was her calling, Juls shares, “My sister Jacqs was my presenter, and I was the star of the show, prancing onto the stage in my sparkly bodysuits and 6-inch heels (Jacqs was my stylist and makeup artist too, of course). Quite a bit has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same: our shared love for music. Well, two things actually…Jacqs still does my performance makeup lol.”

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Hi Juls, please tell us a little about you?

Hi, thank you guys for having me. My name is Juls, and I’m a singer and songwriter from Connecticut. When I was eight years old, my dad built me and my sister, Jacqs, a makeshift stage in our basement and soon after, we were completely hooked; Jacqs was my presenter, and I was the star of the show, prancing onto the stage in my sparkly bodysuits and 6-inch heels. Quite a bit has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same: our shared love for music. Now, with Jacqs by my side as my manager, we are pursuing our shared dream careers in music together.

With time, I have developed as a singer, songwriter, and musician, but my burning desire to inspire through this art form has remained the same. I once believed that the dream worlds I was creating for fun would only ever exist within the confines of my basement. However, I am now turning these dreams into my reality, and I could not be more excited to share them with everyone on a bigger platform.

My music can best be described as a mix between Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey, and their writing styles definitely influenced my own throughout the years. In fact, when I was in highschool, I think I probably listened to Born to Die more than any other teenager in the U.S. Lana and Taylor share the unique ability of creating mainstream pop hits that maintain lyrical integrity and complexity; they simply redefine the meaning of popular music. I hope that listeners can hear some of the lyrical nuances in my own writing.

I just released my newest single, “Heartbreaker” in September, and I could not be more excited to share this song with the world; it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of creating and more. I believe it’s indicative of my style as a writer, lyricist, and artist, and I can’t wait to embark on this journey together and hear
your thoughts as well!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Intelligent, fiercely loyal, and sweet but strong.

We’re sure you have been asked this million times but how did you get in the industry?

I guess I got into the music industry through my innate desire to create art; it just felt like the most natural expression of who I am, and doing anything else simply would not feel right. I always say that I write my best songs in business class lol. I couldn’t not be a singer/ songwriter/ artist if I tried.

How has this changed your life?

Working in the music industry has taught me so much about life; I have become an entirely new human being since starting work in this industry: more resilient, more confident, and of course, more vocal. Sharing my music with the world has taught me the importance of putting yourself out there and believing in yourself; it has forced me to step out of comfort zone every step along the way, and for that I am most grateful because you only truly grow when you’re a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Describe your sound in 3 words?

Ethereal, breathy, and sweet.

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

Definitely Lana del Rey. I quite simply think she’s an absolute genius and quite possibly an alien from another planet. Lana is the entire reason I want to do what to do, and I could never have become half of the writer I am today without her influence on my art.

Do you play any instrument?

Yes, I play acoustic guitar.

Do you ever get nervous?

Sometimes haha but I truly think it’s like anything else in life – the more times you do something, the more comfortable it becomes.

Tell us about your new single “Heartbreaker?” What’s the story behind the song?

I think the main message behind “Heartbreaker” was inspired by the book “The Fault in Our Stars,” which I read in ninth grade. One quote really stuck with me: “it’s a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.” This song is about a girl who puts the killing thing between her teeth – who thinks she won’t give it the power to hurt her, but who lets its intoxicating taste cloud her better judgment.

Heartbreaker is about a girl who watches as the same flame she was once so enamored with grows and engulfs the reflection of the girl she once was. She may never be the same but that’s kinda the point.. our hardships, our losses turn us into new, stronger versions. If you take one thing away from this song, I hope it’s this: the story doesn’t end with the ashes.. they simply mark a new beginning.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

I love seeing people enjoying the music and art; when I receive positive feedback and see people start to know the lyrics and sing along? Nothing feels more rewarding.

What book should every entrepreneur read?

Think and Grow Rich

What would you say are the greatest lessons you learned so far?

Less is More. Every great creation was once just an idea, and every great song was once just a voice note. Focus on yourself/ stay in your lane. And of course, ikigai and enjoy the ride.

What advice would you give to your younger self and why?

Just start. Start before you think you’re ready. Start before you think you’re good enough. Time flies and there is never gonna be a “perfect time”; if you wait for it, you might find yourself in the same place you started. If you start before you’re ready, you will learn something that will make you better and more prepared for the next experience. As Nike would say, “Just Do It.”

How would your best friend describe you?

Loyal, passionate, and intelligent.

If you are a book, what would be the title of the book and why?

The title of my book would also be the title of my first EP which I haven’t announced yet so this one’s gonna have to wait haha. But I promise, more on this in the future.

What’s next for Juls in the last months of 2022?

Playing live ! We have many shows booked for October and November and I can’t wait to get out there, play my new singles, and connect with you guys more in person!

What is your favorite healthy food?

I love healthy foods tbh so this is not a hard one for me but I’m definitely a big smoothie girl.

And your favorite cheat food?

Buffalo Chicken Tenders.. So good.

How would you explain your fashion style?

I would describe my style as feminine and simple; I rely on a few core, beautiful pieces to make basics look new and exciting.

What is your own definition of happiness?

Following your purpose.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to meet and have a conversation with Albert Einstein.

What would be the dream holiday, and who would you go with?

My dream holiday would definitely be Bali, Indonesia, and I would love to go with a few close friends.

Best advice ever given?

Less is more.

Do you support any charity?

World hunger and specifically child hunger is something I’m incredibly passionate about; I’m a large advocate of the organization No Kid Hungry.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

Hopefully, putting out an album and touring the world!

Favorite song? Why?

I love the song Young and Beautiful by Lana because it’s beautiful and timeless.

What do you think of Social Media?

I think social media is a great way for artists to connect with their fan base and share their art! It can also be a really fun and creative form of self-expression. Personally, I love using instagram.

Where can we follow you?

My handle is @julsspo on all social media platforms !