Check out our exclusive interview with Colombian Actress, Model & Entrepreneur Adriana Pino.

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How did you get started in modeling?

Well, I was just helping my friend that is a photographer at my hometown with a shooting, he asked me for help and then he just sent my pics to an agency and thats how I was discovered.

Anything funny that happened during a casting?

I did a photo shooting not knowing that my pictures would be sent. So basically I was being cast and I had no idea. Thats funny!

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion has a really important value in my life, I think fashion involves everything, its part of every culture and its the best way to express ourselves.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I growed up admiring Sofia Vergara, she is such an icon a total inspiration for me.

What are your goals as a model?

I just want to inspire people, specially young women, I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin doing what they want knowing that no opinion matters more than their own.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

Naomi Campbell and Adriana Lima without a doubt, the way how both were so present during the years and how they never lost their essence. And my favorite designers are Carolina Herrera and Balenciaga, I love the elegance and the details in every collection.

How did you stay fit?

For me now to be fit is a lifestyle, its more than a diet or go to the gym regularly, of course I work out but I have a lot of healthy habits like eating clean, stay hydrated and get my sleep.

How do you feel about the controversy of the size 0 in the industry?

There’s nothing wrong not to be a size 0, the size is just a number, what its important is to be healthy, to keep your body and mind agile, to take challenges and to be comfortable with yourself.

What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

I have a lot of fun during my photo shootings, its just incredible how you can connect with your team at the shooting so many times it just turn into a friends party. The most rewarding part is how I can inspire people to start a healthy lifestyle and when people let me know that I became a role model in their lives.

And what do you dislike?

I dont like when theres a disloyal competition in the business

What other modeling projects have you done?

Huge campaigns with different designers, lingerie, high couture. Ive enjoyed every project.

Name one beauty product you can’t live without?


Whats your advice for the newer models?

To keep your goals and never step back in that specific objective, to be loyal to their family values and thinking.

What are guilty pleasure food wise?

Most of the Colombian food, but specifically “Bandeja Paisa”

Name one beauty product you cant live without?


How often do you go to the gym?

6 days a week

Where we can Follow you?

I love instagram @adrianapinop

Travel destination?

MIAMI of course

Quote: “Feet, what do I need them for. If I have wings to fly” Frida Kahlo

Favorite music: House music

Movie: The Devil wears Prada

City to Travel: Mexico City

PH: Walter Acosta @wacostaphoto
MUA: Karem Grajales @karemgrajalesmakeup
Agency: LMCmodels.com