Check out our interview with Brooklyn based actress, producer and teaching artist Samantha Simone who can be seen starring as Elizabeth Perry in the romantic comedy “Townhouse Confidential” (Best Feature Winner, New York Independent Film Festival 2022). She can be seen on CBS “Blue Bloods” as the quirky TARU Tech McKenna, as well as multiple short films. Favorite New York theater work includes: “The Seagull” directed by Andrei Serban, “Nothing Human” (The Chain Theater), “Julius Caesar” (Classic Stage Company).

When Samantha is not performing she can be found teaching and coaching young actors. She has clients in major movies, TV shows, and commercials nationwide! Samantha was born in Long Island, but grew up in London and New Jersey. She received her BA in Theater and Elementary Education Certification from Ramapo College of NJ, and her MFA from Columbia University.

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Hi Samantha, please tell us a little about yourself.

Hey! I’m Samantha, but my friends call me Sam. I am originally from Long Island, moved to London for a few years, then to New Jersey, and now I live in Brooklyn with my boyfriend and adorable puppy. Professionally, I’ve been acting since I was a little girl. I got my start on a kid’s cooking show on the BBC called Planet Cook at age ten, and I literally fell in love with acting on set. I continued acting throughout high school and college. I attended SCVTHS and Ridge High School and then double majored in Elementary Ed and Acting at Ramapo College of NJ. After college, I went right to grad school at Columbia University and received my MFA in Acting. In my final year, I was cast on an episode of Blue Bloods that turned into five episodes. I’m a cast member on the workout series The Daily Burn, have performed in many off-off Broadway to off-Broadway theaters, and now here we are! When I’m not acting, I am a teacher and the studio manager for Matt Newton Acting Studio!

Some fun facts about me:

  1. I’m terrified of things in big costumes
  2. My favorite animals are penguins
  3. My favorite place to vacation was Italy (my dad’s side of the family is Sicilian, so that was really cool)
  4. I’m an Aquarius and share a birthday with Abe Lincoln
  5. I’m low-key obsessed with my dog, Ned

How would you describe your method of acting?

I’ve been training for a very long time, so I have a lot of tools in my actor toolbelt. I would say every character and every role is a bit different for me. I usually start with my classical training roots and break down the text, do character work, write down everything other people say about my character, and memorize my lines inside and out so I can truly play on set. Once the “homework” is done, I flesh out the character to make them a real person. Things like: what are their hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc., stuff you never see on screen but help me make these characters real. I always want people watching the film to relate to something my character is going through. Lizzie had an extra special layer, she is a baker at Magnolia, and my sister Alyssa is a professional baker as well. So I asked her for some tips! I wouldn’t say I have one specific method, but I piece together things from my amazing teachers throughout the years: Joe Mancuso, Peter Campbell, Andrei Serban, Van Hansis, just to name a few!

Who inspired you to get into the entertainment industry?

My grandfather, Angelo Simone. He was a professional musician for his entire career. He played the piano and sang beautifully. Between gigs, he also ran a music school for children, was married, and had two amazing sons. My grandfather is my hero and my role model. I wanted to be just like him. Unfortunately for me, my piano, violin, and guitar skills were less than amazing. When I started acting professionally at age 10 I found what I was good at and fell in love. I fell in love with acting the way he fell in love with music. He passed away before we started filming Townhouse Confidential, but I know he’s so proud of me.

What is the best and worst part of being an actor?

The best part is every day is something new and exciting! You get to tell some amazing stories and play such fun characters each day. It’s also a career that you never stop learning. I continue to take classes to challenge myself, grow, and stay on my toes. Acting is like a muscle; you need to keep working at it to get better.

The worst part is the instability. You never know when the next job is coming, and you just have to trust that what’s right for you won’t pass you by.

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

I would love to be in a show like New Girl or The Good Place. A series regular in a show like that is where I would love to be in 5 years.

Tell us about your latest project Townhouse Confidential.

Townhouse Confidential was a joy to film. As a native New Yorker, well, Long Islander, but it still counts; it was so cool to film in iconic places like Magnolia Bakery. From day one, Patrick created a safe environment to play and really explore these characters. I loved bonding with my on-screen sisters, who are now like actual sisters to me. It was truly a dream come true to be on set every day of this project. Even in the height of COVID, we were able to make magic happen, and I am so thankful to be a part of it. Everyone can watch it when it’s out digitally and on demand now.

How did you get involved with the project?

My incredible manager Chris Silveri at Center Stage Management, sent me the audition. When I read the scene, I was cracking up, and the character felt very close to me. I had a ton of fun prepping the role and the scenes for auditions and callbacks. My boyfriend, Alex, helped me memorize and prep for every round! Our final callback was July 3, and I was getting ready to go spend the long weekend with my parents. Patrick called shortly after the final callback, so I could enjoy my weekend, and it made watching those fireworks with my family all the more special that year!

What was your favorite moment when working on the film?

My favorite moment working on the film has got to be filming the cupcake scene! It was one of our callback scenes, and I loved working on it with Jonas. My parents have always told me I am not an attractive eater. I was very excited to messily devour a cupcake on camera. The scene was just so fun to shoot, and we all would burst out in laughter after each take.

What’s your advice for people wanting to be part of the entertainment industry?

You are enough! – this is a quote that was said at my Columbia callback weekend, and it really resonates. We’re in such a tough industry where performers often need to feel validated from bookings but reminding yourself that you are enough- you are good enough, talented enough, passionate enough to stay in the game is something I remind myself of all the time.

Patience- a skill I lack, but this career is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Stay patient and kind throughout the journey has been key.

This one comes from my grandpa. He told me the reason he was successful is, “trust you are just a little bit talented and never take yourself too seriously.” It’s been words to live by!

Where can we follow you online?

Well, for acting content and incredible dog content, my Instagram is @samisims21
I’m on Facebook as Samantha Simone, and my website is samanthanicolesimone.com