LeJolie.com is a gorgeous site and you have the most beautiful product, tell us about what inspired you to create the company?

Thank you for the compliment. There was a lot of thought put into designing the site. The inspiration manifested when I took a trip to Israel and noticed that every single grocery store that I went into had a payment plan. Whenever I made a purchase on anything, chips, bread, milk, etc. they would ask how much I wanted to pay today. It stunned me that I didn’t have to pay for everything up front. I’ve also been into fashion and sales my whole life. Being an aspired businessman I wanted to create a website that would involve this payment plan and fashion all in one.


Le Jolie seems to be taking over Los Angeles, we’ve seen your billboards on Sunset Plaza, Hollywood and Highland what are your expansion plans for the rest of the US?

We wanted to start off in Los Angeles because we feel that it is where trends are started; if you can make something hot in LA you can make it anywhere. From there we plan to be in any urban area over the US. We also had a feature in Time Square but we are definitely looking into having more billboards and new promotions like commercials on TV.

FlexPay sounds exciting, can you give us the details on this exclusive program Le Jolie offers consumers?

What’s cool about FlexPay is customers are able to buy items that they weren’t able to afford beforehand. Everyone and anyone is approved for a purchase up to $300. If you want to purchase something over $300 you have to fill out an application to be approved for more. Once the $300 is paid you get back an extra $50, so your spending limit jumps up to $350. From there your spending limit will increase $50 every purchase you make. In addition, FlexPay gives you the option to choose between 2, 3, and 4 payment increments. On top of all that, your items get shipped out on the first payment and charges zero interest and zero fees, so it really is the easiest way to shop online.


Los Angeles has such a unique style, can you tell us about Mr J style?

Mr. J style is the modern day business-casual working man. He stays groomed and takes care of himself. He’s economically involved, and wants to better and improve the world while making a name for himself in a rising culture. What we like about our Mr. J is that your able to mix and match style while still looking on trend.

Tell us what makes Le Jolie unique in the online marketplace?

Our FlexPay program and the ability to buy items that are on trend and in season at such a low price make us different from any other e-commerce site. Another thing that makes us unique is the new technology we are constantly implementing. Also our sociability, the more social we are the better. We are constantly attending events and staying in the know. We’re always keeping up with our customers via our social media platforms and staying in touch with our bloggers and style influencers. Our newly created blog (lejolie.com/blog) is sure to be a hit and is another way we intend on letting our customers in on our day-to-day routine. LeJolie is a lifestyle brand for anyone. Moms can shop for themselves, their families, and home decor. The ‘Boho’ girl is in reach of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, while men have access to different categories of menswear for any occasion.

Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga, Valentino, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tom Ford are just a few of your designer labels, where do you find your product and how are you able to offer such competitive prices?

We have specialized buyers who have been in the game for over 10 years and have built strong relationships with authorized vendors. We continue to stay in touch with them to get more brands and expand.

Does “Access to Excess” basically sum up what Le Jolie offers consumers?

Yes but that’s just the surface, what we offer is a lifestyle and shopping experience that no one else has. The lifestyle is being trendy and in the know with the ability to be affordable. Where else do you find a live video of your potential statement piece walking down a runway? Where else would you be able to get brand name items on a payment program, that isn’t trying to shake a penny here and there? LeJolie Live allows you to have a hands on shopping experience that makes online browsing interactive and fun. When we say “access to excess” that’s just a nibble of what we are, because we’re giving you access to the opportunity of having this lifestyle.

How does Le Jolie warehousing all the product benefit the consumer?

For one, were able to ship to you in less than 12 hours. So your item is shipped to you almost instantly. Another benefit would be that we personally know the merchandise first hand and have our own quality control to make sure that our customers get nothing but the best.

Finally, what can we expect from Le Jolie in 2014?

We have plenty of surprises in store and are constantly coming up with new ideas. We stay on trend and continually implement the most up-to-date technology, and we’re always looking to improve. The sky is the limit.


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