Hanging out with a handsome, loveable young man is such a hard life as we at Naluda discovered. Our hot date was with Marvin Cortes of America’s Next Top Model. Now we know why Tyra was always rooting for this talented young man! He’s the down to earth guy that every dude wants to hang out with and the romantic cutie that every girl wishes they could go on a date with! Given Marvin’s Bronx background we decided to liven things up by taking him to the Graffiti Art District in L.A. He loved it and we loved that he loved it! He showed his fun adventurous side at every turn. While trekking through the Urban jungle of L.A we were able to ask Marvin a few questions that we thought you might be interested in.



How did you get onto Americas Next Top Model?

I was discovered by an off-duty casting director at my job working in Zara. I was an hour late that day due to train delays, which in fact caused a ripple effect. My lunch was pushed forward and while I was working the floor during my scheduled lunch time, I was approached by Danielle, the casting director. Had I been on time, I would have missed her and never known about ANTM. Sometimes it does pay to be a little late. I auditioned with her help and stood out from thousands of applicants by simply being myself, next thing I know I was in LA as a semi-finalist and the rest is history.

Is it true that you never had modeled before ANTM?

Yes, I had only done a test shoot with a friend who had just bought a new camera lens and wanted to shoot with it. He said I was perfect to be a male model, he said I had the look and correct measurements for a great career. Little did I know in only a year I would be shooting with Tyra Banks, Jez Smith, Sarah Silvers, and many other extraordinary photographers.

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Behind the Scenes Photo-Shoot video with Marvin Cortes