Interview with award-winning actress Brooklyn Robinson who is best known for her recurring role of Young Christian on Sundance TV’s MINISTRY OF EVIL, releasing in 2019. She plays Mandy in the feature film ESCAPE: PUZZLE OF FEAR also releasing this year. Her many other credits include Guest / Co star roles on MODERN FAMILY, MYSTERIES & SCANDALS, PINEAPPLE, MARRIED WITH SECRETS and Funny or Die’s BIG SHORTIES, just to name a few.

Brooklyn won several awards for her role as Lucy in the film LIKE ME, including a Young Entertainers Award a Rising Star Award from Harvard Writers Guild, and an award for Best Leading Actress at Indie Fest.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Loyal, Fun-loving, Kind

Name one your strengths? 

I have a way of making people feel comfortable and smile. I’m also a pretty good rollerblader.

How’s a typical day in your life?

On a day that I am filming normally it’s 3 hours of set school then hair and makeup then wardrobe then filming all day. On a regular day I do online school, play with my dogs and swim.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My big brother, Bryson. He’s my biggest cheerleader.

How did you get started in the industry?

I got started because I always loved to perform even at an early age. My brother was already acting so I just naturally fell into it.

What was your first acting role?

My first role was a pilot filmed in New York City.

Do you have or had acting classes?

Yes! I have studied acting for several years as well as private coaching.

What is the best and worst part of being an actress?

The best part is getting to perform and watching yourself on TV or on the movie screen. The worst part is waiting to watch it after you shoot. Sometimes it can be months until you see the final project.

Now tell us about your project “Ministry of Evil?”

Ministry of Evil is a Sundance series about the life of Tony Alamo. I am Tony’s daughter in the series.

And about the feature film “ESCAPE: PUZZLE OF FEAR,” and you’re role as Mandy?

Escape Puzzle of Fear is releasing soon. It is a thriller and my character’s scenes are very pivotal to the storyline.

How do balance your personal life with your acting life?

Living in California it’s pretty easy to have the best of both worlds. I love to take a break and go to the beach. My favorite is Paradise Cove in Malibu. Also I go to theme parks with my friends.

Best advice ever given?

Be the best version of yourself and never give up.

How do you prepare for a role? 

I do research and if the show I’m auditioning for is currently on tv I watch past episodes.

What other projects you have been part of?

I’ve filmed for Disney, Nickelodeon, TVland and many more. I’ve been in several feature films and TV shows and a lot of commercials.

What kind of roles do you like or would like to play and why?

I love drama roles as they really come naturally to me. I would love to be on a Hulu or Netflix show.

Which role has been the most challenging and which one your favorite?

My most challenging role has been one where I had to sit in a car for what seemed like hours to film a commercial for Cliffside Malibu. It was a really hot day! My most favorite role has been Shasta in Sundance’s episodic Pineapple. I got to work on location which was really cool.

What is next for Brooklyn Robinson in 2019?

I have a commercial that will be airing soon as well as a film Patch releasing soon.

Who is your favorite Actor/Actress? And why?

I love Betty White. She is an animal activist like myself and also her comedy is amazing.

3 things you can’t leave your house without?

Phone, bottle of water and gum.

What music do you like?

I love Panic at the Disco and Train.

Your idea of a perfect Sunday is?

Spending it at the beach and just relaxing.

Something people don’t know about you?

I’m an All Star Soccer player. I have been playing since I was 3!

What is your own definition of happiness?

Spending time with friends and family and knowing I’m making a difference in the world.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Walt Disney because he made one of the most magical places on earth.

What do you like to watch on Tv?

Animal Planet.

What is your favorite healthy food?


And your favorite cheat food?

Ice Cream.

Do you support any charities?

Yes! Big Sunday, LA Mission and several others.

Where we can follow you?

Instagram: @thebrooklynrobinson

Quote: Be the best you you can be!

Holiday Destination: Disney World

Drink: Pink Lemonade

Song: Sunflower

Sports Team: Dodgers

Movie: Greatest Showman

Photo Credit: Kenneth Dolin